Abdulaziz International Schools – Al-Sulaimaniah in KSA

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About Abdulaziz International Schools – Al-Sulaimaniah

Al-Sulaimaniah, which started out in 1999, is run by SABIS®, a global education business, and provides students an outstanding education that prepares them for success in college and beyond. A high-quality education gives students a wider variety of options, better chances in college and university, as well as the skills and tools needed to succeed throughout their life in our increasingly competitive world.

Students at AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah will learn more successfully and effectively through the SABIS® technique for education. Students at AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah will receive help in achieving their full potential. Practically any student—not just particularly brilliant ones—can achieve this objective.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

We strive hard to create a safe and caring environment at AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah so that students can discover and realize their full potential. Our approach to education aims to give students a holistic school experience by combining our strong past of academic excellence with outstanding initiatives to build character, skill, and grit. It is built around three basic pillars: academic excellence, life skills, and personal well-being.

Our Values

A SABIS® education is grounded in a set of shared values that encourages students:

  • To do their best and persevere with enthusiasm and commitment to reach their full potential.
  • To become independent and take responsibility for their decisions and actions.
  • To develop an awareness of oneself and others that is rooted in respect, empathy, and inclusivity.
  • To practice honesty and integrity in all areas of life.
  • To be socially responsible citizens and active members of society.

Campus Facilities

Sulaimaniah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is host to AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah. The Girls, Boys, Primary, and KG sections constitute the four sections of our purpose-built campus.

We have Interactive Whiteboards in each of our elementary schools for students in Pre-K through Grade 12 to support student learning. We have innovative academic facilities that include eight academic labs, five computer labs, art production facilities, and both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.

Our school’s computerized learning and testing center, which has five SABIS® Integrated Testing and Learning (ITL) halls where students can review and revise knowledge learnt is a standout IT feature. Additionally, there are three cafeterias and four libraries on our school’s campus.

Kids in kindergarten appreciate being in their own, independent building, with vibrant hallways and interesting classrooms. Children enjoy in an extensive playground with countless amusement options.

Modern clinics are set up on our campus, where students can visit them for comfortable care in the event of an accident or illness.

We take great delight in our campus and the amenities that we offer to our students. The warm atmosphere we have at our school is a result of our campus’s magnitude, modernity, and services. We truly hope you are going to pay us a visit!

Prospective Families

We welcome your interest in enrolling your kids at Al-Sulaimaniah’s Abdulaziz International Schools. Our school is an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their kids with an excellent global education in a lively supportive environment that encourages them to reach their full potential and pursue their goals.

Students who show a willingness to learn in a collaborative setting and who want to engage in a global community are welcome in our school. To make sure that students graduate with the confidence and competitive edge they require to succeed in the future, our curriculum is created to provide students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, a passion of lifelong learning, and the capacity to adapt to and lead change.

If you weren’t already, we strongly suggest you to arrange a visit so you may meet our staff and see courses if you weren’t previously. This stage is crucial in the admissions procedure, which also include completing out an application and taking a diagnostic exam to identify the pupils’ appropriate grade levels and classes.

Admission Process

School Tour

We invite families to drop by the school for a tour of the campus and to meet with our admissions staff. You can schedule appointments by calling the school’s administration.

Application and Required Documents

Parents who are interested can apply either online by filling this Application Form or in person at the school by collecting up an application packet from the entrance desk.

For their child to enroll in class, parents are cordially asked to complete the admission packet as required by the Saudi Ministry of Education (MoE) for registration approval. The parents would need to turn in the required documents stated below, either by uploading soft copies with their online application or turning it in in person at the school.

Required registration documents:

Identification Documents

  • Three recent student passport-size photographs
  • Copy of renewed passports of student, mother, and father (expiration page)
  • Copy of student birth certificate
  • Copy of student vaccination card

ID card as follows:

Saudi and GCC students:

  • A front and back copy of a Saudi family card
  • If the student is not Saudi but the mother is: a copy of the mother’s Saudi card of identification with the student’s current Iqama.
  • Country citizenship ID for GCC (Gulf Country Citizen) students

Non-Saudi students:

Copy of the student’s mother’s and father’s renewed permits to reside (Iqama). Along with the date of expiration from Absher Sponsor’s letter from the workplace of the parent or legal guardian.

Academic Documents (for students transferring from another school)

  • KG report card with relevant conditions if applying to grades lower than 1 and within the exemption age.
  • Original school records for every grade level, from kindergarten to the present
  • the following certifications are needed on the most recent report card:

last school in Riyadh:

  • From a different curriculum, an embassy, or a community school: The MoE must offer proof for the previous institution.
  • Financial clearance from previous school (non-national): The parent or guardian must attest from the MoE (Exams & Registration).
  • A printout from the “Noor System” that verifies the student’s grade level and admission to our school.

Previous school in another city in KSA:

  • “Noor System” print-out to verify the current grade and transfer to our school.
  • Certification from previous school required from the MoE.

Recent school outside KSA (abroad):

  • Last certificate attested from the Saudi Embassy and MoE in previous country.
  • Equivalence letter from the Saudi MoEFor learners who enter classes in the latter part of the year. The midyear report card must also have its attestation.

Our admissions office makes preparations with the parents for a school presentation and/or tour as soon as the application is receive.

Although there is no application closing date. It is recommend that the process for admission be started as soon as available. Although applications is accepted, offers of places are provide if there are vacancies available during the course of the academic year. Please be mindful that an annual membership fee is require to start the application procedure and cover administrative costs.

Admissions Decisions

Decisions regarding admission are made after a thorough review of the applicants. Diagnostic test results and prior academic records are taken to be consider on a case-by-case basis. Motivation, social and emotional growth, a willingness to put in a lot of work, and the ability of AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah to meet the candidate’s needs are other criteria for admission.

Please be aware that the documents mentioned above must be supplied at the start of the admissions procedure in support of the application in order to complete registration. Without these data, a final admission decision cannot be made.

Student Life

Sports and Activities


A vital part of the AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah experience is sports. Athletes of various skill levels are welcome to participate in AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah’s after-school activities, international tournaments, and family-friendly events.

Sports Facilities

The AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah experience includes sports in an important way. AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah offers activities for athletes of all capacity levels, ranging from after-school activities to international contests and family-friendly events.


At AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah, we think it’s important that learners to take part in an array of activities for both their growth and well-being. In keeping with this conviction, we support and recognize our students’ involvement and achievements in all areas, including the arts and athletics.

Both during the school day and after school, AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah provides students with a wide range of engaging clubs and activities. Chess, debate, drama, music, and science make up the activities.

Our students learn a variety of new skills through these enriching clubs and activities, push themselves academically, and have an amazing time.