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About Advanced Educational Company

Advanced Educational Company for Digital Technologies and electronic services focusing on supporting. Its most innovative advanced technology systems in the local market is one of the top businesses in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2008 and remains operating since then. The company offers complete solutions to meet all requirements in the areas of teaching aids, electronics, e-learning. Language processing and implementation, computers, and testing labs. The company continues to be the market leader because to the quality of its goods, price competition, and its ability to conduct technical and engineering work as needed maintenance. In order to preserve our very existence, we must continually develop novel technologies and grow quickly.

Our Team

The team at Advanced Educational Company provides total support for your company’s computer systems. You may be sure that the installation, maintenance, and support are going to be of the finest quality thanks to our highly qualified and experienced employees. We continually strive to deliver the greatest technical solutions and services to clients. Who need the highest standards in technological advances without issues, flaws, or additional charges.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred technical partner for our customers and work to add value to our customers by analyzing. The performance of the systems and providing the appropriate proposal to maintain the continuity of the system. And reduce the cost and maintain the highest quality standards for our customers.


More individuals utilize screens that are interactive today than ever before. With ultra-4K resolution, accurate on-screen writing, built-in whiteboard software, and wireless screen projection, interactive displays lead in these flexible, multifunctional solutions. Meeting the demands of a variety of local and remote collaboration and learning environments.

Local collaboration

Conventional meeting spaces often call for a projector and a variety of cords. A whiteboard and writing executes, among other things — and everything must be readily available and in good working order when you need it. But as of late, Interactive Screen offers the comprehensive solution for anything. Interactive displays are accessible at all times for conferences, workshops, and other applications. Freeing you and your team from laborious preparation and uncertain results so you can get to work!

 Advanced industrial design

For a fluid writing experience, the interactive Screen has optical bonding to cut off reflection and ghosting. With ultra-fine 150 mesh sandblasting and an elegant appearance and feel, these interactive displays offer a superior user experience. You are going to enjoy using a real, excellent panel to support your 4K display that has blue light and anti-glare filters.

User Friendly Interface

A computer-friendly interface (UI) design offers a better overall experience with a reduced homepage, one fewer screen, and three new shortcuts. A two-screen split display and one-click switching between the Android and Windows operating systems have also been included in it.

Digital Class Rooms

An exciting new type of intelligent teaching helper is the Educational Interactive Screen. With a wealth of other educational resources, it combines with the most recent technologies in touch controls, HD displays, video processing, network communication, interactivity, and audio. It can be utilized for a variety of purposes in the classroom, online instruction, distance learning, training sessions, and a lot more.

Interactive display with built-in whiteboard software

With pen pick-up detection, graphic recognition, a built-in search engine, QR sharing, and saving, among other powerful features, these displays will give the presenter and the audience a genuinely unforgettable conference experience.

Wireless projection

With an easy two-step setup, these interactive Displays offer basic image projection. Up to four devices can be project at the same time, and teams will also appreciate reverse control. This is the most recent advance for better and more intelligent teamwork and idea exchange.

Ensuring safety for educational environment

With temper glass and smart temperature control, the Educational Interactive Screen has a strong all-in-one building making it safe to use virtually anyplace. To protect human eyes, all panels are capable of being equipped with anti-glare technology that screens out over 90% of blue light. Furthermore, the panels are very energy-efficient.

Contributing to enriched education resources

With OPS, teachers can download an array of external teaching applications on the panel. Helping them in combining various tools and technology. Both teachers and students will like the ease of writing, erasing, recording, planning, and instruction. Users will like the swift search feature for quickly locating audio, video, or image files, and local and USB media can be immediately categorize for simple management.

Support mainstream conferencing software

With a simple, dependable platform for audio and video, chat, and webinars, Advanced Educational Company has created a successful system for remote video conferencing. They work with an array of desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. Additionally, dual operating systems enable all types of mainstream teleconferencing software to work directly on the interactive display thanks to the OPS with Windows 10 built-in.

We Provide Complete Network Solutions

A simple, dependable platform for audio and video, chat and webinars has been develop by Advanced Educational Company as an effective method to remote video conferencing. They work with a range of desktops, PCs, and mobile devices. And due to the dual operating systems with Windows 10 built-in, any mainstream teleconferencing software can run directly on the interactive display.

We Always Chose the Best Technology

Many networking groups will hold special meet-and-greet events so that new members can attend a meeting before enrolling. It’s important to get involved right away as you join a networking community. People that use networking effectively strives to offer something of value to other group members rather than simply using their connections to advance their own goals.

Public Address System

In tiny venues like school auditoriums, government service centers, and small company workplaces, simple PA systems are frequently use. In crowd settings like airports and public, institutional, and commercial buildings. Announcements is frequently given using PA systems with numerous speakers. Some systems for public address enable users to respond to announcements using a microphone placed in their rooms.

Access control system to control entry and exit remotely

Innovative Educational Company the highest levels of protection are given by access control, which keeps an eye on and regulates entry and departure to provide strong security systems for a variety of commercial, medical, and hotel businesses as well as residential facilities.

What is access control system – access control?

It is a security system to regulate institutions and limiting access to specific areas at certain times with the goal to protect individuals and reduce safety concerns.

How does the access control system work – Access Control?

It works by connecting devices, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems to VPN networks. The application can be easily operate remotely from anywhere using a browser or mobile device.

Why do you need access control systems?

As a result of improvements in modern communication technology, it is now easier to connect a VPN using the services of the company’s branches through a unified network, making it attainable for you to track your employees from anywhere, share files, work security cameras, and keep track on events inside any branch of your business without having to be there.


Access control system solutions are a potent security system used in business settings to track attendance and leave, control access and exit, and protect the facility from any risks or unwanted visitors when people are going in or entering.


Due to their capacity to oversee who can go in and who are unable in addition to the capacity to prevent entry at specific times, access control systems allow the protection of business organizations, such as companies, against theft and unwanted entry.

Access control

When, due to the connection formed via the Internet, the data is transmit to and stored on the server and made accessible at any time when needed, it is possible to control the doors, control access and exit, and identify the users.