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About Al Hammadi Holding hospital

Al Hammadi Holding is an integrated healthcare business and a leading hospital operator in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia (KSA), providing excellent medical care to thousands of citizens in the country and abroad every year. The Group currently operates two hospitals in the capital of Saudi Arabia that have 180 outpatient clinics and 600 inpatient rooms. In order to more than double its inpatient and outpatient capacity over the next six years, Al Hammadi aims to open two more facilities in Riyadh in line with the Group’s ambitious growth objectives and the Saudi Vision 2030 vision. Through its subsidiary, Pharma Serve, Al Hammadi also aims to expand on its most recent successes by enhancing its pharmaceutical selection. Al Hammadi also engages in the manufacturing of specialized medicines through its wholly owned subsidiary Sudair Pharma.

Our Story

With a 35-year tradition of operational and medical excellence. Al Hammadi has gradually risen the ranks to become the choice healthcare provider for thousands of Saudi citizens and foreign patients in Riyadh.


As an established investment firm in the area, our objective is to set up trade systems and processes. That allow producers to have stable and reliable lives. Through vertical and horizontal integrations, we hope to establish an innovative trade model of ethical business, promote sustainable development. And boost economy with a particular focus on the health care sector.


Our goal is to be recognize for upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. As well as our unwavering dedication to promoting investors’ interests. We make a desire to work together with like-minded investors to creatively and competently address growing demands and options. We attempt to create a global network that promotes fair trade. Guarantees that the opinions of our stakeholders are heard, and connect them to other, more profitable markets.

Our Strategy

Al Hammadi’s management follows a multi-pillar strategy that seeks to build the Group’s business. While maintaining the quality and financial prudence that have been essential to protecting. Al Hammadi’s success since its inception in order to assure the company’s ongoing growth and value creation for patients and stake- holders. 

Capacity expansion with continued focus on attractive Riyadh market

The Group plans to roll out two additional facilities over the next seven years, building on its present basis. Together, the new buildings will enhance the Group’s capacity by an extra 400 rooms and 240 clinics. Allowing it to completely take benefit of the healthcare market’s promising future in Riyadh. The brand-new structures will be placed in neighborhoods where the Group’s reputation and value. Offer a strong opportunity to promote immediate growth.

Launch of lucrative new specialization to drive growth and gain market share

The Group is seeking to expand its service offering and take advantage of current developments in the healthcare sector in addition to expanding geographically and in terms of capacity. As a result, while all new hospitals will offer a broad range of services. They will additionally encompass many centers of excellence that are clearly focused on service groups that are focus high growth. Rehabilitation, cosmetic surgery, sports medicine, and oncology are some of them.

Adhere to prudent financial policies to provide headroom and flexibility

The Group’s debt profile is continually tracked by the management. Who works to keep it a manageable level that allows room for unexpected volatility. In addition, Al Hammadi was successful in sticking to its agreement to limit its exposure, ensure that its growth doesn’t compromise current or future financial stability, and keep several critical financial ratios at or below specified levels. Al Hammadi has been able to do this, keeping good liquidity levels and protecting itself against market vulnerability. The Group plans to strategically utilize both short- and long-term financial instruments in addition to its cash flow from operations to fund future cash requirements and support company expansion.

Al Hammadi Holding’s Board of Directors

Base on the Al Hammadi Holding Company’s Extraordinary General Assembly meeting on Monday, 21/11/1443, or 20 June 2022. At which a new board of directors was elect for the company for the session beginning on 22 June 2022. For a period of three years ending on 06/21/2025, the company announces the Board of Directors’ decision release on 11/21/1443, or 20 June 2022, which includes.

The company’s executive management team consists of people with high levels of knowledge and experience. To run the business effectively and efficiently within the limits of the rules set by the board of directors.

Investor Relations

The Board of Directors of Al Hammadi Holding Company (Al Hammadi) is please to present to you the annual reports for the fiscal years. Which include the financial statements for the year ended. Information about the Board and its committees, executive management, and the external Auditor BDO Dr. Mohamed Al-Amri & Co. As well as the results of the Company’s business and achievements during the year.

Environmental and Social Initiatives

Al Hammadi is dedicated to serve the community by offering high-quality healthcare services as well as a range of social and environmental programs that will help Riyadh and its citizens live better today and tomorrow. As a result, the Group leads numerous environmental, social, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects aimed at lowering its carbon footprint, increasing awareness, and advancing the education and growth of the outstanding young people in its community.

Environmental Initiatives

The Group has implemented a number of sustainability initiatives across its portfolio of hospitals in an effort to assist preserve our environment. Particularly significant is the setting up by the Company of an intelligent adiabatic cooling system, which will significantly lower cooling electrical consumption (an estimated double-digit decrease). Al Hammadi also planted 100 trees in 2022 as part of its attempts to help reduce pollution in a growing Saudi Arabian capital city.

CSR Initiatives

  • Al Hammadi focus on the following three main CSR initiatives:
  • Raising healthcare awareness.
  • Training the future generation of healthcare workers and volunteers.
  • Improving quality of care through research and training.

Female Empowerment

Al Hammadi feels proud to be one of the female empowerment champions in Riyadh. The Kingdom continues to place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. The Group has concentrated on increasing awareness. Putting training programs into place, and advancing women’s options for careers. Over 62% of the Group’s total workforce, or 1,788 out of 2,864 employees, were women as of the end of 2022.

 Healthcare Awareness

Throughout the year, the Group plans to execute a variety of projects that will boost healthcare awareness throughout Riyadh. Al Hammadi mainly publishes well-informed materials on the prevalence of NCDs. Their risks, and the lifestyle decisions that contribute to their spread across the Kingdom. Obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are just a few of the illnesses that are connect.

Training of new employees

Future Generations’ Training Al Hammadi uses an extensive and comprehensive education program for all of its new staff members, which includes mentorship programs and lectures. As part of its dedication to provide excellent medical services to all of its patients. Our meticulously research efforts to stay current on all medical research and technology are contributing to the continual addition of fresh material to these courses. As a result, after finishing the entire training cycle, new employees are equipped with the most recent knowledge to fulfil their jobs.

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