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About Al-Rashid trading and contracting company

Established in 1957, Al-Rashid Trading & Contacting Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) has experienced rapid development in the contracting sector. RTCC obtained contracts from trustworthy customers to construct a number of houses, a college campus, healthcare infrastructure, water supply works, and a railway project. Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior (MOI), Ministry of Water & Electricity, Saudi Railway (SAR), Ministry of Finance, and Public Investment Fund (PIF) are a few of RTCC’s clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As a General Contractor, RTCC constantly is able to call upon the best materials, as well as engineering and technical expertise in order to finish the work in compliance with the most demanding international standards. All main trades, involving civil, architectural, mechanical, and electrical work, are projects we take and then finish.

Although RTCC kept its commitments to its clients in a timely, efficient, and QUALITY manner. It built her competence in the construction sector and developed to the position of one of Saudi Arabia’s best national firms.

Projects of RTCC are at many parts of the Kingdom and are broadly classified into three sectors namely:

  1. Buildings Sector (Residential, Medical Centers, College Campus and Commercial)
  2. Water Sector (Water Transmission, Pipelines and Refinement)
  3. Railway Sector

Empowered Teams

The selection of highly qualified employees, who are manage by a senior management team with an extensive range of experience from their long tenure with the company. The sole method to create an empowered team, that needs an enormous amount of work every year. Additionally, the RTCC’s ongoing growth idea has attracted and maintained some of the region’s brightest young talent. Because the organization is composed out of international companies, this philosophy makes sure the past and present are perfectly merged.

Our vision

Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co (Closed Joint Stock Company).

(RTCC) aspires to be recognized as one of the highest-ranking quality. Service providers in the construction industry in the Saudi Arabian nation.

Our mission

Our organization’s guiding idea is to deliver projects of exceptional value for our highly regarded customers and the community by providing the best possible construction. We try to provide the most up-to-date construction building techniques to our clients through a variety of experienced teams. That are commitment to offering unlimited support in conceptualizing, planning, and conducting any project.

Working Fields in RTCC

The most challenging projects permitted participation by RTCC. Al Rashid retail Centre, Makkah-Taif Water Transmission System, Al Yamama Housing Compounds, Border Guard Housing Compounds and Riyadh Technical Colleges.

Our clients

The official approval of RTCC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is help due to its considerable abilities in the construction and civil engineering sectors. Which is supported by a number of different organizations is RTCC cooperated.

Report and results in RTCC

Sister Companies

The Saudi Services for Electro-Mechanical Works Co. And Al-Rashid Abetong Co. Established by senior executives of RTCC as joint ventures with multinational organizations.

 Our Projects

RTCC received contracts from reputable clients to construct several homes, a college campus, a hospital, infrastructure, water supply works, and a railway project.

In order to maintain the deserved status as a business whose name is associated with Excellence and Integrity. As we enter the new millennium, RTCC will continue to carve its name even bolder into the sphere of Construction and Engineering.

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