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About AL_AYUNI Investment & Contracting in Saudi

AL-AYUNI Since 1960, the name of our company earned respect in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its dedication to basic rules, excellent business customs, and accomplished outcomes.

Since 2006, Saudi Arabia has chosen AL-AYUNI Investment and Contracting Company as a “First Class” contractor. Roads and Bridges, Railways, Buildings, Equipment O&M, Education, Information Technology, Marble and Mining, Precast production, Water & Power, Gas, Real Estate, Automotive, and Manpower services are only some of the business sectors that AL-AYUNI works.

About our history

The late Hamad Abdullah AL-AYUNI generated the AL-AYUNI Group in the early 1960s as a subcontractor for the construction of roads. In 1972, it was registered as a general contractor. After putting in a lot of effort, AL-AYUNI in 1976 became one of the preferred road building firms in Saudi Arabia for jobs organised by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) and the Ministry of Transportation (MOT).

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially rates AL-AYUNI as a “First Class” contractor and considers it as an important road and civil works construction company. With more than 61 years of experience in the disciplines of blasting, concrete works, earth works, and asphalt concrete pavements, AL-AYUNI serves both the public and private sectors. It is formed up of multiple well-coordinated, highly professional teams situated all across the nation.

It is well known as AL-AYUNI has worked on projects including the construction of roads, bridges, railways, water drainage systems, and tunnels, as well as regular and protective maintenance. Through its multiple operating projects, the organisation aims to generate jobs in Saudi Arabia.


To establish and uphold a reputation for long-lasting relationships based on trust, innovative thinking, and exceeding customer expectations for the purpose to lead the MENA region’s construction business.


To continuously strengthen the foundations of quality and trust built by AL-AYUNI by working with our partners to generate innovative developments that benefit our clients, vendors, and community.



We keep to our commitments and never compromise on them.


We take accountability for our decisions.


We create value while doing no harm.


We take ethical steps to protect our society.


We place a value on a collaborative atmosphere with talented people.


There are always better and new ways to do things.


The management of AL-AYUNI sees governance as an essential element of success. In order to strengthen corporate governance and excellence at many levels and areas. AL-AYUNI established the Corporate Governance Office (CGO) as a part of the new business model that came out as a result of the strategic transformation program.

The CGO is in the position of managing, promoting, and maintaining other functions to ensure that all governance activities is commitment. The organisational structure, containing the processes, procedures, and templates required to meet all of the governance needs of the business and operations, is developed, improved, and upheld by CGO. The upper management receives thorough performance reports from CGO as well.

In addition to these controlling duties, the CGO is in charge of managing the carrying out of strategic initiatives established by the CEO and senior management.


Development of carefully designed roads and the transformation of multiple single roads into highways by AL-AYUNI’s Transportation department. have both added significantly to the growth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s road infrastructure.

Since the success of the business began in the early 1960s, this industry is regarded as one of AL-AYUNI’s mainstays.

By constructing nearly 5000 km of single. Double roads and more than 455 bridges across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AL-AYUNI exceed every expectation for success.

Other key projects awarded to the Railway Business Unit include:

  • The Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR) Facilities Track Connection at Hail (SFTCH) Project.
  • Saudi Railways Agency (SRO) and Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR). Collaborate on a project on signal and telecommunication (packages S&T110, S&T120, S&T130, S&T140, and S&T320). General maintenance of the railway network (1650 km).


  • The Ministry of Housing, the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu. The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON). The Ministry of Education are a few of the primary customers in the urban sector. Which focuses on the construction of infrastructure and superstructures.

Our transportation


— Pipelines (Transmission Lines & Networks)

— Storage Facilities


— Power Generation

— Transmission and Distribution

— Renewable Energy


Highway Engineering and Construction, International Children’s Education, Railway Engineering and Construction, Information Technology and GIS Services, Construction Equipment Services, Marble Mining and Sales, Pre Cast Concreting, Real Estate Devt, and Water works.

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