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Amideast Education Management in KSA

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About Amideast

Amideast, Leading American nonprofit organisation, founded in 1951, carries out international education, training, and development projects in the Middle East and North Africa. We think that understanding, respect, and a more peaceful, productive world come from self-forged, happy lives.


A world where everyone has access to chances that let them go as far as their goals, skills, and commitment will allow them.


To provide life-changing opportunities for education and cultural exchanges between people in the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States in order to foster hope, opportunity, and mutual understanding.


  • Enhance possibilities for education and training.
  • Foster cultural understanding.
  • Empower women and young people.
  • Prepare people for jobs in the global economy.
  • Strengthen institutions and communities.


With an annual portfolio of $51 million, staff of 1,200 and more than 20 offices in 11 MENA countries, Amideast is making a difference. In 2021, our programs and services benefited:

  • 1,515 exchange and scholarship students
  • 12,000 youth and women empowered through special programs
  • 35,000 students and professional trainees
  • 100,000 recipients of academic guidance
  • 210,000 test-takers


Through its educational and training programmes, Mideast touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year. Our deep commitment to increasing opportunity and fostering understanding between Americans and the people of the Middle East and North Africa appears in the programmes and services we provide.


Amideast is run by an enthusiastic board of directors and a senior staff of highly skilled professionals. Our work in Lebanon and Palestine derives from the direction and kind assistance given by advisory boards of civic and commercial leaders.


At Amideast, we take great satisfaction in being a preeminent American nonprofit organisation active in Middle Eastern and North African international education, training, and development initiatives. Join us here!


Amideast aims to supporting and defending all human rights while encouraging and modelling a culture of respect, honesty, and integrity. The core of Amideast’s strategy and essential to our ongoing achievement and good standing internationally are our compliance. Ethical behaviour and actions with clients, contributors, partners, beneficiaries, and each other.

In order to more effectively prevent and combat fraud, waste, and abuse and to more clearly explain. Our zero-tolerance policy towards sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA), Amideast changed and increase its Code of Conduct and ethical suite of policies. SEA is the phrase used to describe the practise of exchanging sex for cash, a job, products, or services, as well as sexual favours or other types of humiliating, demeaning, or exploitative behaviour. Any employee, consultant, volunteer, or contractor of Amideast who engages in such conduct is categorically and fiercely prohibited.


Welcome to ALAM, the place where all former participants in programmes run by Amideast around the world call home. An amazing group of thinkers, leaders, and innovators have gone through Amideast’s educational and training programmes over the years, whether they took part locally or engaged in international exchange programmes. ALAM is here to encourage conversation and participation among this group. Here you can learn about available chances to further your professional and personal development in your hometown, wherever you are now residing, online, and with the larger Amideast network of leaders, alumni, and mentors.

About Amideast | Saudi Arabia

We appreciate you visiting our page on Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Since 2007, Amideast has operated continuously throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa. Amideast/Saudi Arabia, with its main office in Riyadh, offers Saudis interested in studying in the United States programmes and services aimed at improving their managerial and communication skills for both personal and professional growth.


Particular training is available at the Amideast training facility in Riyadh. To assist individuals and organisations in achieving success in the workplace through better performance. Our programmes are applicable to all industries and aim to enhance entrepreneurship and employability. While also building competencies in soft and technical skills. Our expert instructors conduct innovative classes and workshops. That are available to the general public as well as those that are specially tailored to meet the needs of organisations in the public and private sectors.


Join the tens of thousands of people from the Middle East and North Africa who go to Amideast to sharpen their English skills for a variety of reasons, including achieving academic objectives, advancing their jobs, or simply being able to interact in social settings. We provide teaching for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, for children, adolescents, and adults. Professional teachers provide our courses in a communicative style that emphasises useful, everyday English for school, job, or pleasure. Students can rapidly and efficiently enhance their English language abilities because to small class sizes, individual training, and an engaging setting.


In order to promote Saudi Arabia’s objectives of providing a learning environment in which youngsters may gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to thrive in today’s world, Amideast is happy to collaborate with NGOs, governmental organisations, and international sponsors.


In order to help organisations and people assess abilities, obtain a competitive edge in the modern global economy, and accomplish their objectives. Amideast offers experience in testing services for both academic and professional situations. We administer thousands of language, aptitude, accomplishment, and professional qualification exams each year in Saudi Arabia as the official representative of Educational Testing Service (ETSĀ®), PrometricĀ®, and other testing organisations.

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