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About the Ampo Arabian Metal Organization

A leader in the fabrication of structural steels and pipe spools for petrochemical plants. Oil and gas places of work, power and water industries, infrastructure developments and other programmes. AMPO 100% Saudi Owned Company began operations in February 1983. Saudi Aramco, SABIC Companies, Saudi Electricity Co., the Royal Commission, MODA, Qatar Petroleum PRHS Gas Plant, and ISO 9001 are all given approval to our manufacturing facilities.

Since its foundation, AMPO has completed a number of project orders successfully for clients nationwide as well as worldwide. AMPO has maintained its jobs position as the area’s leading fabricator.


At Arabian Metal Products Organisations (AMPO), quality is considered an account. At every level of the manufacturing method, from engineering and production planning to final inspection on the shop floor. If a vendor cannot provide a quality pad when it required, on-time performance is not good.

The Arabian Metal Products Organisation (AMPO) keeps an entire inventory of inspection tools. Tahat are constantly calibrated the conformity in society.

Vision and Mission

At Arabian Metal Products Organisations (AMPO), have a fundamental belief that a desired product will be produced. When it requires high-quality goods and equipment, motivated workers, and concentrated leadership. Each day, we work carefully to make products of the best quality at the lowest costs and with the delivery lead times needed by our clients.

Quality Policy

AMPO – provider of detailing, fabrication, blasting and painting of structural steel and pipe spools to our customers. It is committed to the following quality policy is:

  • Manufacture and supply high-quality metal goods that satisfy client and other interested parties’ needs.
  • Maintain satisfied customers by exceeding their expectations while providing a competitive price.
  • Put into effect and maintain the ISO 9001 criteria for quality management.
  • Work for continuous improvement in each functional area guided by quality goals.
  • Create an environment of teamwork and proper training to ensure our employees’ full participation.


AMPO follows the below latest National and International Standards:

  • AWS – American Welding Society.
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials.
  • AISI – American Iron and Steel Institute.
  • ASME – American Society for Welding Engineers.
  • AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Saudi ARAMCO Standards.
  • SABIC Standards.
  • SSPC – Structural Steel Painting Council.
  • DIN – German Standard.
  • Heavy steel structure made from built up sections.
  • JIS – Japanese Standard.
  • ASTM – European Standard.
  • BS – British Standard.
  • ISO 9001 Standard.

Product Lines

One of the major structural steel fabricators, Arabian Metal Products Organization (AMPO) lots of experience in the petrochemical, power generation, and industrial plants.

Company Information

August 24, 2023