APC Oilfield Services (APC OFS) in KSA

APC Oilfield Services (APC OFS) in KSA

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About APC Oilfield Services

APC Oilfield Services a Saudi company is founded in 2016 and its headquarters in the kingdom’s Eastern Province. We offer cased hole wireline services and other wireline services. Our objective is to provide our customers with appropriate local solutions through innovation and technology. We promote the Kingdom’s goals to localize the oil and gas services sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the Oilfield Service. Sector platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by introducing a capable local Saudi Oilfield Service provide operating at international standards.

Our mission is to become a leading influence in the Saudi movement of becoming a self-sufficient economy. Through our decision to use the skills we have obtained and excel at, we will provide services that will fuel our industry and build a strong independent pipeline of Saudi professionals. Through innovation and technology, our mission is to provide efficient local solutions to our customers, while progressing towards our Kingdom’s initiative of localizing the Oil & Gas Services Sector.

Our vision

Our goal is to compete with all other wireline service providers in the Kingdom and standing ourselves as our clients’ preferred choice.

We constantly search for chances to improve our technological advances offering and engineering outcomes, building on strategic business connections. Allow us to develop an information technology center in the Saudi industry that will offer solutions that are suitable for the problem at hands and based on the requirements of our clients. APC supports localization as a strategy in need.

Our core values


By open communication and honest discussion, we are able to acquire the trust of both our clients and staff. Fairness, respect, and the highest standards should be displayed in everything. At APC, we appreciate equality and respect for all of our employees, we embrace diversity and value differences, and we do not tolerate misconduct or retaliation.


APC is providing its staff a respectful and safe environment for working. We guarantee both onsite and remote services fulfil all safety rules. APC provides its workers with ongoing safety training and seminars. Safety is deeply assure in the culture of APC.


Knowledge is power. R&D, technology, and learning, in our opinion, are the key components of our success if we are keep our competitive edge and stay successful in our field. While our staff is most precious assets, we make sure they receive regular instruction and industry knowledge to ensure they satisfy our criteria and clients.


With successful achievement that encompasses exceptional quality, delivery, and experience, we aim to go above and beyond what our customers expect from us. As a company and as individuals, we focus enhancing our organizational practices in the areas of security and well-being, client satisfaction, and business.


APC conforms and is ready to support the Kingdom’s Saudization criteria. Our citizenship defines who we are. Professionals from community groups who are knowledgeable, responsible, and reliable serve as APC OFS’ human capital. Our personnel follow on commitments and actively seek out and offer constructive criticism with the goal of helping one another develop.

Experienced professionals

By producing customize programs and techniques that will assist. Our clients in examining, investigation produce, and maintain their reservoirs. APC Oilfield Services is focused to create the values. APC is the best location for you if you are an experienced professional looking for a challenging but rewarding career. We fully believe that the success of our employees is what affects of our own success; therefore we are constantly searching for talent to add both our field and office teams.

For fresh students

APC Oilfield Services is constantly looking for intelligent bright and competent workers to join our team. APC provide job opportunities for students. Driven and ambitious that desire to establish their professional career. An innovative and encouraging environment that is committed to help the develop their talent and grow in their abilities & skills.

HSE mission statement and annual HSE targets

APC conducts its business with a commitment to protecting the safety of its employees, clients, and the environment. Work must be performed in keeping with APC’s Health, Safety & Environmental criteria. Which are considered the fundamentals of our successful operation to ensure that it carried out appropriately.

Every APC employee is responsible to be accountable for putting these rules to implementation. Our HSE guidelines aim to ensure the security of employees and the maintenance of the surrounding environment.

  • Comply with HSE policies and standards as well as environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporate HSE evaluations, risks & impact assessments within every business decision.
  • Communication – It’s important to make sure that each and every employee is mindful of the HSE risks and consequences. Throughout the year, communications, trainings, and seminars take place.

“Stop, Assess, Act Safely” – is our HSE slogan

We promise and commit to acting in a responsible manner, keeping the health and safety of our employees and customers. The environment at the top of our list is priorities for all aspects of our operation.

Our mission is to:

Integrate company conduct with a focus on HSE, and promote creating an example. Every business decision should take HSE standards into assessment, from top management to all operations and maintenance. Provide an exhaustive, effective, and clear HSE policy that supports the fundamentals of conducting business in the safest, healthiest, and most responsible manner. Improve APC’s HSE performance on a constant basis and implantation the HSE slogan “Stop, Assess, Act Safely” in all of our workers and associates. Provide APC employees, contractors, and third-party workers that work with or on behalf of APC Oilfield Services an opportunity to inform, educate, and train them.

Annual HSE Target: ZERO – HSE Incidents

Our annually and long-term HSE aim is zero incidents. Our yearly HSE objective is to have 365 safe operational days with no HSE accidents, problems, or environmental contamination related to work. This is a shared organizational objective that all business units support and collectively work to accomplish. Our short-term HSE goal is to consciously examine our operational results and methods with a focus on enhancing our HSE performance and policies, instill our HSE focused mentality within our organization, and represent HSE as the top priority through our operations and personal responsibility towards our communities.

APC health safety and environmental policy

Our goal is to turn and performance into measurable targets that will guide us towards zero incidents and pollution elimination.

Management sets an excellent example by holding people in the organization responsible their behavior inside and outside of their job. All of APC’s employees are responsible for their appropriate HSE behavior. Employment at APC depends on HSE achievements and demonstrated by ethical behavior and behavior. Employees asked to STOP functioning if see any possible effects that may be unpleasant. Business approaches and choice are initially based on HSE evaluations, risk, and effect assessments. HSE audit is conducted on active jobs; labs, places, and offices on regular basis.

APC Management, consultants and personnel are required:

  • Comply with HSE policies and standards as local environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporate HSE evaluations, risks & impact assessments within every business decision.
  • Communicate openly & ensure the understanding of HS&E policies, risks and consequences.
  • To follow appropriate and prompt response techniques to potential HSE injuries.

Office safety guidelines, workshop safety guidelines, basic industrial safety guidelines, well site guidelines, wireline & perforating activity guidelines. Vehicle safety guidelines are only a few parts of  APC Oilfield Services.

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