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About Asia Steel

Asia Steel materials used in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries are available from ARABIAN MATE in an array of forms. For an array of electro-mechanical industrial materials, such as Cable Tray & Fittings, Cable Conduits & Fittings, Instrument Air & Process Tubing and Fittings, Cable Gland & Wiring Accessories, Pipe & Fittings, Valves, Hoses, Paints, Abrasives, Tools, Safety Items, Welding Products, and Building Materials, between others, we can provide a thorough procurement and supply service.

Our Vision

To be a top producer and service provider in the MENA area from the energy industry. In addition to striving to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, delivery, and price and to surpass the requirements of our clients in terms of quality, delivery, and cost.

Engineering Capabilities

The engineering resources of AASIA are widely recognized for its cladding works. The capabilities of the AASIA engineering team are wide and extend far beyond there:

  • Material sourcing and availability studies
  • Alternative designs and cost evaluations
  • Pipe spooling drawings

Our services

CRA Clad Pipe (Weld Overlay Technique)

Our facility alone has 30 vertical and 20 horizontal welds overlay machinery that can handle pipes with measurements that range from 6″ to 66″. Small diameters are also include in our weld overlay capability based on cladding shorter pipe lengths.

Our pipes, where necessary, go through complete hydrostatic testing after being clad to prove the product’s integrity. The maximum pressure that can be handled by our testing facility is 20,000 psi. To assure product quality, CRA Clad pipe is also carefully non-destructively examine.

CRA Clad Fittings and Flanges

Aasia Steel has an extensive selection of welder equipment to join particular fittings, flanges, and overlay that fitting. This includes vertical machines that accept diameters that range from 2″ to 66″.


Aasia Steel Fabrication Division has become a key factor in our service range as we continue to provide clients with a complete turnkey engineering solution.

API Products

Aasia Steel is certified to manufacture => CRA Clad Steel Pipes (API 5LD)


Some of the biggest assignments and international businesses in the world are receiving solutions from our machining division.


  • Our Facility is equipped to perform the following range of testing in house
  • NDT, DPT (water washable technique), MT, UT
  • Hardness
  • PMI
  • CRA Clad STEEL Pipe shop Hydro testing
  • Other Mechanical & Chemical Test are perform through well-known 3rd party Laboratories (Exova, SGS, etc.)


The ISO 9001, API Spec Q1, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards were taken into account when creating and implementing the Asia Steel Factory – Plant – II, QHSE – Integrated Management System. By providing reliable items and services, we at Asia Steel are committing to being one of the top “Cladding Solution Providers” in the Middle East. The following concepts will assist us reach our goal:

  • Plan, carry out, and assess QHSE-IMS-related training for all of our employees and contractors’ ongoing improvement.
  • Execute QHSE-IMS policy, framework for objectives and targets through conversation, consultation, and communication with our operating methods create effective systems to meet these goals and objectives.
  • Review of this QHSE-IMS and Policy are still relevant and appropriate during the management review meeting to check their suitability in the future and to improve their performance.
  • Committed to the protection of environment & to prevent, eliminate or minimize pollution-generating situations and potential risks that could harm the environment, cause ill health and injury with respect to Occupational health & safety of our employees & contractors.
  • Committed to comply with the applicable QHSE-IMS legislations, regulations and standards for those activities carried out by our employees and contractors.
  • Evaluate work safety and manage risk at work, to ensure that hazards are eliminate or control to the extent, practically possible.
  • Conduct periodic assessment and review our own & contractors’ performance to ensure continual improvement of our QHSE-IMS.
  • Maintain a permanent dialogue with customer, supplier, contractor, employees, and other interested parties.
  • Ensure that our QHSE-IMS Policy is communicate, understood, applied, implement and maintain to all working. And on-behalf of our company and displayed prominently for visitors, interest parties and public.


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