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ATCO, our past has been influenced by imagination, courage, determination, and honesty. Our achievements over the years show the ‘Heart and Mind’ of ATCO, and they have set the tone for a future that is full of potential and promise.

Originally called Alberta Trailer Hire, ATCO formed in 1947 when R.D. Southern was just 17 years old. R.D. Southern and his father, S.D. Southern, took a risky course to serve Alberta’s increasing oil industry with initial earnings of $1,077 and 15 utility trailers.

70 years later, ATCO is a $22 billion, diverse business with thousands of workers who offer creative, integrated solutions in the areas of structures and logistics, electricity, pipelines and liquids, and retail energy.


Our objective is to create a global portfolio of energy-related assets that consistently delivers outstanding returns and operational excellence. A company unlike any other since we are geographically dispersed, extraordinarily diversified, and designed to expertly service a broad spectrum of clients.

Support sensible risk administration and an organized approach to development. We encourage our employees’ creativity to promote long-term growth that ultimately benefits both our clients and shareholders.

Our excellent financial and operational performance is the outcome of our sales and customer-focused thought, the determination and motivation of our workers, a deeply embedded dedication to operational excellence with its built-in cost controls, and careful consideration of the present and over time social and environmental effects of our choices.


ATCO’s approach to service reliability and product quality is dictated by its Heart and Mind. The drive for excellence governs our actions and decision-making.


Our pursuit of excellence governs how we act and make decisions. We strive to live by the following values:


The main focus in all we do is safety. We all share a belief that safety should guide all of our daily priorities and choices, and we are responsible for understanding and adhering to the health and safety regulations for any work we do.


We treat others equally, with humanity, and respect because we are honest and ethical individuals. We are responsible for our actions, accept accountability for duties, make educated choices, and carry good on our commitments.


We possess a creative, innovative attitude that balances opportunities and risk with a long-term outlook. We stay current, promote action, and take failure.


We care about our clients, our employees, their families, our communities, and the environment. To challenge each other, we try to understand each other and show that we care.


Work together, exchange ideas, respect one another’s contributions, and learn from our successes and mistakes. We are open and honest in our communication, especially when difficulties or issues grow. Various perspectives and diversity are things we value and promote. We collaborate to create strong networks.

Diversity and inclusion

Join an organization that respects your unique abilities and points of view you bring to your work. We are proud of the many men and women who demonstrate a constant commitment to our customers and the communities we work in. ATCO is thankful to be an employer who values difference. We are dedicated to creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive and to managing every employee fairly. We want to make sure that no one is excluded from employment opportunities because of their race, religion, colour, gender, gender identity, or expression, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, income source, or sexual orientation.

As a part of this commitment, ATCO seeks to make sure that our hiring and promotion practices are based on qualifications and ability. From time to time, ATCO additionally collects data from our workforce to better understand the makeup and diversity of our work force, monitor trends and the results, adhere to applicable employment equity laws, follow to applicable diversity reporting for various government and agency contracts, and plan for the future.

Our strategy

Our company is built on the pillars of innovation, expansion, and financial security. The ability to continue offering our customers with outstanding comprehensive and integrated solutions to suit their demands and enter new areas is vital to our long-term success.  Our continuous commitment to operational excellence, our customers, our employees, and the communities we have the opportunity of serving around the world support these strategic imperatives.


Our aim to create an environment at work where employees are encouraged to deal with client needs in an original and creative way. By committing to applied research and development, we are able to offer our customers with unique and distinctive products that set us apart from other companies.


Sustainable long-term growth is important. To carry out this plan, we do the following: we grow geographically to meet the needs of our clients across the world; we create significant, value-creating Greenfield initiatives; and we encourage continuous improvement.

We look after complementary properties and businesses with the potential for future growth and that may generate long-term value for stakeholders.

Operational Excellence

Our aim for high levels of customer service, reliability, and product quality for our clients and the communities we serve when achieving operational excellence. Resolute in our commitment to maintaining a secure work environment for our employees, promoting public safety, and trying to reduce our impact on the environment. We also have long-term plans in place to ensure timely delivery of goods and services that are essential to accomplishing our business objectives.


Our success depends on making sure our products and services meet the requirements for reliability, security, environmentally friendly dependability, affordability, and cost-effectiveness. Nothing less than that will be expected by our more than four million clients globally.

Play an essential role in offering long-term, sustainable solutions as a leading provider of energy and energy infrastructure, modular housing and buildings, disaster response, and logistical support. We are addressing consumer concerns in a way that strikes a balance among responsible development, environmental stewardship, community and landowner demands, integrated energy systems, and creative connections to Indigenous individuals.

Manage our company in a way that is in line with our values. Our basic principles of safety, integrity, agility, collaboration, and caring direct us as we find a balance among our businesses’ current and future economic, environmental, and social needs. The five sustainability focus areas that we discuss in this report are energy transition, climate change and environmental stewardship, operational reliability and resilience, people, and community and indigenous relations.


To make sure that the world is a sustainable place for future generations, we all have a huge the job. Through our community investment programed, we assist companies make the transition to a net zero energy future, create safer communities, and partner with our sponsored partners to make a real difference to the places where we live and work.

We took delight in helping organizations that support thriving communities by offering volunteers, expertise, gifts in kind, and financial support across all of our companies globally.


As a way to support the communities they service across Alberta, ATCO supplies equipment at free of charge. Even while we are unable to financially support every festival or event in the community, we are able to support events through this special program.

But we do not settle for the status quo, and we continue creating creative, collaborative approaches for partnerships with Indigenous peoples all around the world.


You can count on our help with our wide range of goods and services. Provided in partnership with our Indigenous partners, whether you’re working in the High Arctic or the heart of the Prairies.


Through order to run and maintain 157 NorthwesTel microwave sites across the Northwest Territories, northern British Columbia, Nunavut. And the Yukon, we have teamed with Northern Aboriginal Services Company.


We collectively own Northland Utilities with our company partner, Denendeh Investments Inc. that supplies energy to over 11,000 customers in the Northwest Territories.


We’ve partnered with the Nunavut Petroleum Corporation to operate the bulk. Fuel storage facility and pipeline distribution system in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Our projects


An industry innovator in the design and construction of mobile trailers, employment camps. Premium permanent modular structures in a range of sizes and floor develop is ATCO Structures & Logistics.


In along with responding to natural gas emergencies, helping new gas line installations or relocations And looking into innovative energy solutions for the future, ATCO Gas provides safe and dependable natural gas to homes and businesses.


For over 85 years, ATCO has been a trustworthy provider of the electricity needed for daily living. From the modernization of electrical grid facilities to providing options for renewable electricity and electric vehicle charging.


Local electricity and natural gas retailer ATCOenergy offers residential and commercial customers across Alberta with energy plans and support.


The Red Seal Chefs at Blue Flame Kitchen supply all that is needed for everyday life. Connecting people along while developing an inviting atmosphere through food education, activities, and hearty, healthy meals.


By expanding our renewable energy portfolio through fresh wind and solar power, clean fuels, and storage asset optimization to assure the reliability of our energy system, we are a leader in the energy transition.


Neltume Ports, an established port operator and developer with activities in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and the U.S. An organization in which ATCO owns a 40% interest.


We know how important it is for you to have all you need to give our customers accurate information about their electricity and natural gas. Usage because we are your partners in natural gas and electricity distribution.


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