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About Dallah-healthcare

Dallah Healthcare firm established in 1995. It is helping communities of Saudi Arabia as a professional healthcare firm. Its sectors include hospitals, pharmaceuticals,
management, operation, and investments. Following a successful journey, Dallah Healthcare Company
listed as a public shareholding company in the Tadawul market of the Saudi Stock Exchange in
December 2012.

Our mission

Being the top private healthcare provider in the region in our aim. To provide excellent healthcare
services that are consistent with our values, our patients needs, society expectations, and our
partners' expectations.

Our Values

  • Care and respect for our patients needs, commitment to professional honesty.
  • Excellence in healthcare delivery.
  • Commitment to respect for our society.
  • Value for our staff.


In 2020, Dallah Health Company announced a number of investments, including Kingdom Hospital,
Mekkah Medical Centre, Dr. Mohammed Al Fakeeh Hospital, and International Medical Centre. As the
company is willing to promote its healthcare network to cover Riyadh and Mekkah, Dallah Health
Company Investments expand into more than one scope, including but not limited to hospitals.

Dallah Clinics

As the company is keen to construct a number of outpatient clinics that cater to the different medical
needs of Saudi nationals and residents and make its expertise of over 30 years of experience in the
health industry accessible to everybody, Dallah Hospitals investments have generally expanded through

Support Services and Maintenance of Medical Facilities

Afyaa Alnakheel established in 2020 as an independent company to offer assistance to the various
Dallah health facilities as well as to others. Engineering management, bioengineering, maintenance,
security, housing, transportation, and environmental services are all part of Afyaa Alnakheel’s range of
services, in addition to some human resources solutions.

Dhallah-healthcare Pharmaceutical, Herbal and Cosmetic Sector

One of Dallah’s companies, Dallah Pharma, is committed to offering and distributing the highest-quality
medicines locally and regionally in order to continue a top choice for customers and importers.

Management Operation

For the purpose to guarantee a wide business pipeline and capitalise on its years of industry expertise,
Dallah Healthcare resolved in 2006 to start managing hospitals that were owned by other market
players. Since then, it continues to function effectively both;
• Al Hayat National Hospital in Aseer.
• Al Khafji Joint Operations Hospital.

At Dallah Hospitals

We value our patients and their families needs over any other aspect. Being a leading organisation in
the Kingdom’s healthcare sector, we constantly strive to be the primary source for healthcare in Riyadh
and to be recognised for providing the highest level of patient satisfaction, achieving the best clinical
outcomes, and having the most qualified physicians, specialists, and staff.

Dallah Hospitals Mission

To meet the expectations of patients, the community, and partners, Dallah Hospitals is committed to
delivering high-quality healthcare in an effective and professional way.

Al Nakheel Medical Services

Since the start of this company in 1987, it have been an ongoing effort of improvement and excellence
in the services provided. Dallah Al-Nakheel Hospital, which has approximately 550 beds, is one of the
largest private hospitals in the world today and considered as a full-fledged, integrated medical the
city in one place.

Namar Medical Services

Its area is 119,000 square meters, and it is situated in the southwest of Riyadh. On April 8, 2018, it
received its first patient. A 300-bed hospital block and a separate structure containing outpatient clinics
and other facility.

Dallah Home Care

Provides a variety of services by various qualified healthcare professionals in the patients’ own
residences to deal with their individual needs in keeping with their predetermined care plan determined
by the doctors.

Our Mission

In order to meet patient demands and community expectations, Dallah Home Care is committed to
offering top-notch healthcare services and careers in an effective and professional way.

Dallah Pharma

About Dhalla Pharmacy

Dallah Pharma was founded to give Dallah Healthcare an advantage in one of the healthcare sector’s
most significant markets:
The pharmaceutical and medical devices sector, which includes medicines, health care items, and
cosmetic. With time and the creation of an established brand, Dallah Pharma was able to increase the
extent of its operations in the areas of consumables, medical devices, and nutritional supplements.
Through the Dallah Pharma services in Jeddah, which has certificates of manufacturing excellence, it
also moved into the field of pharmaceutical manufacture.

Our Vision

To advance the pharmaceutical and medical equipment sectors, to give our patients and clients the best
service achievable, and help healthcare professionals to improve patients quality of life.

Our Mission

Dallah Pharma is committed to providing and marketing the best products in the pharmacy and medical
equipment fields to be the top choice for clients and suppliers, where employees, partners, and
shareholders share in sustainable returns on their investments.

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