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About Dar Al Hekma University

Dar Al Hekma University was established in 1999 and has since developed into one of Jeddah and Saudi Arabia’s top universities. Its integrated campus and medium size make it a human-scale institution with a strong sense of community. It is an environment where one may encourage individual growth, creativity, scientific research, and social interaction. DAH has been dedicated to the cause of women’s education since the beginning. Professionals who graduated from it went on to work as innovators and change agents in their fields and Saudi society. The University recently enabled males to participate in its master’s programs. The DAH created its new five-year strategic plan in 2021, with a stronger focus on educational quality, creativity, innovation, and creating a positive mark on community.

Hence, if you are interested in a quality education in a rich and engaging social environment and a forward-looking institution, DAH may well be the right place for you, where you can choose you’re major from a rich variety of programs.

Our Vision

A university that leads in education, growth, and innovation in order to have a good impact on society.

Our Mission

Graduating leaders and entrepreneurs who uphold the university’s ideals through providing a learning environment that promotes growth, creativity, scientific research, and community service.


Al-Elm Foundation, which established Al-Hekma University (DAH) with the goal of providing cutting-edge higher education programs and facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is well-known for its creative educational projects. The founders of the university came together in their drive to set up a elite non-profit university in Jeddah.

The campus was constructed and built in accordance with high international standards with the goal of providing its students, instructors, and staff the best teaching and educational resources possible. In September 1999, Dar Al-Hekma College opens its doors to its first students. In 2014, the college graduated to university level.

The Dar Al-Hekma University is committed to promoting and nurturing its students’ intellectual ability, creativity, excellence, sustainability, integrity, fairness, and independent thought. The Texas International Education Consortium developed the University’s first academic programs, and all degree programs included instruction in English in these programs.

Our Values

Quest for Excellence:

Dar Al-Hekma aims to promote and accomplish excellence in all situations, either through academic, extracurricular, personal, institutional, individual, or group activities.

Vision for the Future:

As a progressive community, Dar Al-Hekma values creative and innovative learning that preserves, protects, and enhances the social, physical, and human environment while creating the knowledge basis necessary for ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Appreciation for Knowledge:

Dar Al-Hekma recognises the sources of data and recognizes knowledge obtained through different teaching and learning methods.

Creativity and Innovation:

Dar Al-Hekma encourages innovation with a mind that is open and an entrepreneurial attitude.

Service to Community:

Dar Al-Hekma respects its obligation to the community at large and makes sure that the community is well-served through the design and execution of all of its academic programs and services.

Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning

The yearly budgets and long-term planning efforts of Dar Al-Hekma receive assistance by the Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning (QASP). This involves managing the creation of the University’s strategic plan, facilitating faculty and staff training programs on quality issues, getting the institution ready for accreditation, creating institutional quality reports with statistics and KPIs, and keeping track of the development of the improvement plans.


The Department of Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning’s goal is to support the University’s divisions and departments in providing high-quality services by establishing a robust quality assurance system and supervising its successful implementation to satisfy stakeholders and meet requirements for national and international accreditation.

The Conference

Dar Al-Hekma University is inevitable a crucial contributor to the Saudi Arabian knowledge economy in every way and an important player in this growing field as it prepares, trains, and shapes leaders and entrepreneurs and seeks to fulfil its mission of spreading knowledge.

To encourage the culture of scientific research, creativity, and innovation and to enhance its dedication to information dissemination, the University hosts conferences with keynote speakers from both domestic and foreign sources.

The conferences offer an environment for discussing research findings and challenges, illuminating the most crucial recommendations, exchanging experiences, and enriching them by looking at the most recent international studies and research in various fields. They are open to academic institutes and relevant developmental and industrial sectors.

The Scientific Research Center Overview

With the goal to increase research and development at the University, the Scientific Research Centre was established in 2012. The center’s mission is to support faculty, students, and researchers by establishing policies and guidelines to regulate research practises to safeguard the privacy and safety of human subjects, adhere to research ethics. And provide programs to aid DAH researchers in DAH research priorities that are in line with local, state, and federal priorities as well as global needs. Along with providing assistance and services to DAH and non-DAH researchers, the centre also empowers DAH researchers by hosting workshops and talks on research and publishing given by eminent scholars.

Students Research Forums

Dar Al-Hekma University organises scientific research forums for students to promote scientific inquiry. The university also offers a setting for students to present, discuss, and share the results of their research with the DAH community and the general public. In order to improve their skills and projects, the students receive feedback on their work. The forum hosts a few interactive lectures, research seminars, and discussion sessions to further educate and develop critical scientific thinking.

The Extra-curricular Program

5-D Program (130 Hours)

You will be able to take part in a range of activities beyond the classroom as a university student, and a Dar Al-Hekma student in particular. The Dar Al-Hekma University Five-Dimensional (5-D) program has been carefully designed to enhance your educational path and university experience. By addressing the intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and self-development parts, it gives create to your experiences.

Sports and Fitness

The Sports Office has a commitment to enhancing the average standard of living for DAH students, teachers, and staff while promoting healthy lifestyle choices in line with the objective of the university. This is done through participating in a variety of physical activities and sporting training sessions, which are made possible by a wide range of fitness facilities, such as an aerobics studio, a gym, and an outdoor basketball and badminton court. These social interactions and recreational activities improve friendships and teamwork among instructors, staff, and students. The DAH sports teams receive extensive professional preparation that enables them to compete at the Kingdom’s level.

Sports Clubs:

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Billiards
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Cheerleading
  • Hula Hoop
  • Jump Rope
  • Flexibility
  • Roller Skate
  • Tennis
  • Futsal

Sports Competitions:

  • Participated in the Saudi Universities Sport Federation annual tournament and achieved first places.
  • Internal Competitions: to encourage students, faculty, and staff to compete amongst each other.
  • Internal Competitions: to encourage students, faculty, and staff to compete amongst each other.

Career Advising Services

A large number of students expect to find work as soon as they graduate. However, job hunting shouldn’t start immediately following graduation because career planning and preparation should continue throughout one’s academic career.

By connecting students with potential employers, encouraging them to compete in national and local events, and providing lectures and workshops on topics like “CV Writing and Interview Skills,” “Find Your Passion,” and “Readiness to Work,” the Career Preparation Office hopes to help students gain work experience before they graduate.

Academic Support and Services

For the use of students filed at Dar Al-Hekma University, the Department of Academic assist and Wellness Services offers a wide range of professional and psychological services to assist with mental health and personal growth.

Counseling and Career Advising

Our counseling services help students:

  • Overcome difficulties in both their personal and academic lives.
  • Explore feelings and emotions that are related to their experiences.
  • Discover their personal traits and skills.
  • Acknowledge their weaknesses and work towards growth and development.
  • Identify their ambitions, goals and prepare a plan to fulfill them.

To ensure that students at Dar Al-Hekma University are ready for success in their vocations after graduation, the academic assistance office provides a variety of career advising services. Individual workshops on the following subjects are only a few examples of the services available:

  • Choosing the right major through administering career interest assessment
  • Job interview skills
  • Writing CVs
  • Writing Linked In Profile
  • Career planning
  • Career success skills

The Academic Support Unit:

The Academic Support Unit offers the following services:

Psycho-educational evaluation: When help is in order, a referred student completes an in-depth assessment to determine her strengths and weaknesses and whether or not she has a learning challenge of any kind. Such an evaluation would help in ensuring that the student has the necessary academic assistance and safety precautions so that she may sit tests without difficulty.

Math Support Lab: To support students in their math courses and to help them improve their mathematical abilities, the Math Support Lab offers tutoring sessions led by math instructors and student tutors.

Workshops: To complement students’ learning, workshops are provided that concentrate on improving students’ skills in a variety of areas. Time management, test-taking techniques, note-taking techniques, and efficient study techniques are a few of the many subjects discussed.

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