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About Business Network

About the EF

EF Education, First think that when people try to understand one another, the world is a better place. Since 1965, EF has assisted millions of people in exploring new locales, connecting with diverse cultures, and learning more about the world and themselves.

Opening the world through education

For individuals of all ages and nationalities, our absorbed learning programs that focus language, travel, cultural exchange, and academics help turn dreams into chances.

Academic study

Earn a degree, certificate, or credential.

We offer degree programs to students at the secondary, collegiate, and graduate levels. Our pupils go on to study at the top colleges in the world. Additionally, we have links to Hult International Business School, which is renowned for its elite graduate and undergraduate programs.

Educational travel

Turn the world into your classroom

The best landscapes and attractions in the globe are visited on cautiously guided trips by EF. Itineraries are created with teachers and students of all levels in mind. Additionally, we provide trips and adventures for people of various ages and interests.

Learn a language

Communicate with the world in 10+ languages

You are able to interact with other people of the world in English and other commonly spoken languages through taking an EF language course. We also have EF English Live, the largest online English school in the world, and fully accredited schools in 50 of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Cultural exchange

Experience life as a local

Young adults have a chance to see America like a local thanks to our exchange programs. For our high school students who decide to dedicate a year studying abroad, host families offer them a safe and secure home in US communities.

A heritage of industry firsts

Swedish students were transported to Brighton, England, by Bertil Hult in 1965. The concept was simple: students would pick up English while on holiday. Through EF, millions of people have opened up opportunities for themselves over the past 50 years.

Working at EF

The support and opportunities of a major company are pair with the spirit and energy of a small firm in a career with EF. We seek people who are creative, collaborative, and motivated and who share our enthusiasm for studying, talking, and travelling.

EF Impact

Through our business and the work we do every day, EF strives to positively impact people, communities, and the planet.

Creating impact through opportunity

Enhancing education

We bring people from all over the world together to share knowledge and better understand the world and themselves.

Fostering empathy

We make contributions in developing educational resources that promote empathy, improve communication, and advance understanding between cultures.

Challenging bias

People learn novel things about themselves and the world around them when they connect with people from nations and cultures that differ.

EF Impact Report

At EF, we strive to be a beneficial force in the lives of people, in local communities, and on the planet overall. The global EF community of learners—students, teachers, clients, and team members—makes this impact possible. Stories and data about how we are opening the world together and why it matters are presented in our first-ever EF Impact Report.

Driving the revolution in education


We lack a rigid view of technology. Although it’s a vital component of what we do, we don’t just study for the sake of learning; rather, we use technology to assist our learning objectives. Therefore, we continue to look ahead to seeing how technology might change schooling.


We desire to use data about language learning, teaching, and testing to better understand the science of language acquisition by working with scholars at the Universities of Cambridge and Tokyo.


For us, design extends beyond just graphics. We have to succeed in visual, interaction, and experience design, that magical intersection that promotes creativity, collaboration, and learning, if we are to truly create a service that alters the world.

EF EdTech

Education as we presently know it is being rebuilt by an assortment of innovators from schoolwork, design, hardware, product, research, content, and engineering.

Together, they use the latest technologies to address some of the most challenging problems facing modern education. From amusing intelligent speakers that involve pupils in the English language to ground-breaking machine learning methods that power AI language coaches. The goal of EF EdTech is to personalize education and spark interest in language and culture.

The areas we cover are:

  • Learning content and methodology
  • Adaptive education platforms and services
  • Learning experiences, apps and hardware

Latest projects from EF EdTech


The most significant rating of countries and areas in the world base on adult English proficiency is the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI).


To help the two billion English language learners globally, the EF SET is the first free online standardize English test ever produce.

EF Research Network at University of Cambridge

Collaborations with universities and other institutions from around the world have been a part of our Research Network. We are currently working with Cambridge University researchers to fundamentally improve student learning.

The network covers a wide range of academic fields, such as linguistics, pedagogy, educational technology, language evaluation, and cultural immersion. Together, we make research investments that improve language learning, teaching, and intercultural interaction.

EF Design

It should be apparent that EF believes in design highly given its logo, which was designed by Paul Rand, and the well-built office and classrooms that make for the best places to work and learn.

For us, design includes both experiences and graphics. We need to thrive in visual connect and experience design. That magical the junction that promotes creativity, collaboration, and learning, if we are to truly create a service that changes the world.

Programs for ambitious students

Take a look and see how we can help you get ready for the future. You’re dreaming of because we have more than 50 campuses spread across 5 continents. We have courses tailored just for you, whether you’re looking for a way to take a gap year abroad or want to dedicate some of your next holiday exploring a new culture.

In appealing places all around the world. University students can discover a variety of academic and words programs to add to their studies. A high school study abroad course might be thought of by younger students as their first step towards becoming global citizens.

Immersion experiences

Whether you’re learning to paint or speak French, there is no faster way to learn something than to immerse yourself in it. Through language immersion programs, cultural trips, and student exchanges. EF has been helping people for more than 50 years in completely immersing themselves in foreign cultures.

Throwing all in on an experience like that has a certain magical quality. You’ll return home with new abilities and an improved understanding of the world.

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