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About the Gems Saudi International Schools

Welcome for visiting GEMS Saudi International School – Dhahran. American curriculum is personalize, progressive and serve requirements of students. The current stage of our journey in Saudi Arabia is extremely exciting. We are extremely proud of our school because it grown to be an example of excellent teaching techniques both locally and globally. Take great pride in GEMS school family over 70 schools globally as well as our Saudi identity.

Our students we offer the resource they required to become lifelong learners, global citizens, and future leaders. It build the strong framework of Vision 2030. We are able to provide a based value of education that respect the principles of Islam and Saudi culture.

Our core values

Respect, empathy, compassion, and mindfulness are our core values which inform daily conduct and unite our community. Since we offer a variety of ongoing chances for teacher professional learning and development informed by the latest research in education, I am certain that our outstanding multinational team of teachers will deliver a high-quality American curriculum.

Every child have an individual educational path created for them, from kindergarten to graduation. To establish lasting, respectful, and positive connections with the families of our students, each member of our team is going to be honest and optimistic when speaking with them.  As we begin this incredible journey together. I am happy to welcome you in our school.

Vision and Mission                                                                

School Vision

Generations have the ability by progressive and personalized education to become active and effective global citizens.

School Mission

In rapidly changing world, we are committed to maintain the highest standards of academic achievement and promoting the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for self-directed, lifelong learning.

We promote critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, interaction, ethics, and accountability—all important skills for succeeding in the job of the future.

We develop ethical behavior and integrity in our young people to ensure that they can grow up to be real, moral, and global citizens who take pride in the economic power of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and maintain a strong sense of national identity.

Our Campus and Facilities

A Friendly Learning Environment, in a Separate State-of-the-Art Boys and Girls Campus.

List of Facilities

  • 9 Science laboratories
  • Media rooms / Innovation center
  • 7 ICT laboratories
  • 6 libraries and comfortable reading areas
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Kindergarten play area
  • Swimming pool
  • Football and Basketball courts
  • Sports Hall
  • School courtyards
  • Prayer rooms
  • School canteen
  • Medical care / well-equipped medical dispensary for boys and girls
  • State-of-the-art auditorium
  • Key Facilities
  • Science Laboratories

For enhancing practical applications, demonstrations and experiments in science laboratories are well-equipped. Additional facilities and tools to instruct electronics and digital analysis will be introduced to the physics labs. There are laboratories in the school’s boys and girls sections, separately.


We have libraries containing reading books as well as learning and teaching resources that are available for all students. The school libraries will provide a variety of interactive teaching resources.

Break Out Zone

Both the boys’ and girls’ sections will have comfortable reading rooms that will provide an ideal setting for students to read in, encouraging the growth and development of this essential skill.

Computer Laboratories

The most modern computers and a large range of suitable software are maintain in technology labs.

Prayer Rooms

On campus, prayer rooms are easily accessible on both the boys’ and girls’ sections, enhancing our preservation of traditional values.

The Auditorium

State-of-art auditorium is managed with sound, stage, lighting and equipment to perform school events.

Kindergarten Play Area

Students in kindergarten allowed entry in safe placing that design for enjoyment and developmental needs in perspective. There is a range of outdoor playthings in the area.

Football and Basketball Courts

Our football and basketball courts and green areas are ideal for outdoor team sport activities.

School Courtyards

The largest part of the school is protected by central and shady courtyards that provide a comfortable environment and plenty of green space for kids to use during break times.

School Cafeteria

During lunch and recess, food is provided in the school cafeteria. It offers a selection of healthy food and drinks. The strict oversight of food quality and hygiene is important goals.

Additional Information

School Transport

Buses are available for transporting students to and from school, within greater Dhahran and Dammam. A list of charges is available with the school administrator.

Medical Care

Two full-time nurses manage the well-equipped medical facility at the school. In all cases of illness or injury to receive medical attention, and urgent transportation is available and take student to the hospital when specialized medical care is required. We cooperate closely with the families and the Ministry of Health, and all students receive regular medical examinations.


GEMS Saudi International School (GSIS) offers an enriched US curriculum from KG1 to Grade 11. Explore our curriculum below:

Curriculum Overview

  • Complete compliance to the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) requirements regarding National Identity topics, which include Islamic Education, Arabic Language, and Social Studies
  • Curriculum expectations for various fields will be in line with the California State Standards, integrating the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for science and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for math and English.
  • All grade levels, including students in kindergarten, should have access to excellent extracurricular activities which are diverse and provide opportunities for leadership and personal improvement.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test constitutes a single of the American standard exams that GSIS regularly uses for assessment. It ensure that the students are able to achieve outstanding results and promote high standard of education are regularly maintained.


The development of an appropriate self-concept, socialization, and learning skills are priority in kindergarten.

This stage has established for an enjoyable and successful school career. An environment is vibrant, stimulated, and accepting, fundamental skills are taught.

This method seeks to deal with each student’s physical, social, and emotional growth as well as their literacy and numeracy development in English and Arabic. Individual learning differences are supported by a number of provisions in the instructional programmed, and all teachers work hard to fulfil the needs of every student.

Teachers assist and encourage students in taking an active role in their education through incorporating their thoughts, emotions, and experiences into the curriculum. Students are encouraged to take responsibility of their actions, which improves their sense of worth and self-assurance.

Elementary School

With the goal to challenge students and capture their interest and stimulate their thinking, the American Curriculum stresses fundamental skills in all subject areas while additionally providing higher level skills.

For children in Grades 1 through 5, we offer an expanded American Curriculum alongside to the necessary MOE. The curriculum promotes the idea that education will be meeting and enjoyable to learners throughout their lives.

In the fundamental educational areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In addition to mathematics, science, Arabic, and Islamic studies in Grades 1 to 5. Students are also taking lessons in physical education, art, and information communication technology in addition to the main fields. Numerous provisions in the instructional programmes permit individual learning differences. And all teachers work carefully to fill the needs of every student.

Through both academic and extracurricular activities, students have an opportunity to demonstrate their unique talents, interpersonal skills, and qualities of leadership. Teachers encourage and support their students to take part effectively in their learning through integrating their ideas, feelings, and observations into the curriculum. Students are encourage to take responsibility of their conduct, which increases their confidence and sense of their worth.

Middle School

In middle school, students build on their elementary school-acquired literacy and numeracy skills. Using the Common Core Standards, we provide an improved American Curriculum.  The American High School Diploma is present at completion, and advanced course is also offered to high school students. Middle school builds on the literacy and numeracy abilities students acquire in elementary school.  There is a greater focus on separate thinking and higher levels of learning accountability during this phase of a student’s growth.  In addition, students have the opportunity to plan their future jobs with the help of GSIS staff and other places.

Secondary School

Students must satisfy the standards mentioned below for them to get an American High School Diploma. Personal characteristics students will have obtained their individual educational goals and aspirations by the time they finish grade 12, and they will also be able to pursue postsecondary education without the need for remediation will have the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to compete and contribute positively in a global society.

Why Choose GEMS Saudi International Schools, Dhahran?

At Saudi International Schools – Dhahran, we fully believe that success comes from outstanding methods of instruction and by giving all of our kids the best learning opportunities and success.

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