Kabbani Construction Group (KCG) in KSA

Kabbani Construction Group (KCG) in KSA

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About KCG

KCG, we are masters and leaders in the field of specialize contracting. KCG, IKK’s contracting arm, is a mix up of 21 specialize building firms. In order to meet the greatest standards, our teams of specialists devote their unique skills and expertise to deliver flawless quality and performance that sets the way for others in our industry and paves the way for the future.

Since its founding in the 1970s, KCG has grown to become one of the largest specialize contractors in the GCC and MENA regions, offering digital construction services, historical services, construction services for infrastructure and roads construction, oil and gas, industrial insulation, commercial and residential structure, structure assessment and repairs, strengthening solutions, airfields and rigid pavement, engineered heavy steel, structure fabrication and construction, cathodic protection, and solar energy.

We Provide Solutions For

A Better Tomorrow

Through our 21 companies, we offer an extensive variety of services. We handle all things, covering waterproofing, solar energy systems, and architectural ideas, and always work to make sure that our clients are happy with the quality of our work.

Our Vision

Our goal is to keep on lead the field as a contractor whose standing is base on our ability to provide outstanding services that completely please our customers. Through continuous growth, our teams of professionals are committed to a level of excellence for quality and performance that will establish standards for our sector. We just provide substitutes for a brighter future.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer local, reliable services in a range of sectors and goods to the Arab world. To benefit the shareholders of the IKK Group, the graduates themselves, and their own communities, through offering employment for thousands of workers and internal training for hundreds of young Arab graduates.

Our Business Philosophy

KCG is commit to maintaining its three key principles in order to fulfil its fundamental promises to shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers.

By providing high-quality services and creating a high-quality work environment, we are commit to ensuring the pleasure of our clients, partners, and staff.

High Ethical Conduct

We work diligently to maintain and uphold a high standard of ethical behavior in which relationships are built on respect and honesty, and activities take place out in accordance with regulations.

Quality Work Environment

By demonstrating concern for each employee, offering competitive pay, benefits, and working conditions, as well as promoting diversity in the workplace, we hope to maintain an excellent work environment.

Results-Oriented Approach

We strive to run our business with a careful, focused on outcomes strategy that, over time, develops greater shareholder value via focus, discipline, accountability, and a desire for excellence.


Our chairmen is dedicate to using their extensive knowledge to solve specific issues face by our clients. They accomplish this by fostering a sense of transparency that can only be accomplish in an excellent work setting where both clients and staff are value.

Our Business Philosophy

  • KCG is commit to meet its fundamental obligations to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.
  • This commitment is based on four fundamental precepts stating that the company will:
  1. Maintain and Enforce High Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Relationships be built on honesty, fairness, and respect.
  • Operations will carried out in line with regulatory and legal requirements and in a way that is environmentally friendly.
  • Responsibly and proactive reaction to community requests.
  1. Maintain a Strong “Quality Work Environment” and Demonstrate Care for Every Employee
  • Employees will receive equal opportunity and respect.
  • Competitive pay and benefits, suitable working conditions, and rewards for achievement will given to employees.
  • Supporting workplace diversity as a company goal.
  • Employee communications be quick, simple, and unambiguous.
  • Learning and personal growth, as well as teamwork and collaboration, will be encourage.
  • Every opportunity will taken to practice internal promotion.

III. Attract and Retain Contractors and Customers with Products and Services of Consistently Superior Quality and Value

  • Our efforts at acquiring more business in the market through superior services and beneficial technology solutions be driven by customer needs.
  1. Maintain a Prudent, Results-Oriented Approach to Business that Builds Superior Shareholder Value over the Long-Term
  • Discipline, focus, personal accountability and a passion for succeeding will be encourage and reward.
  • Challenging business objectives will set to ensure a steady rate of real growth, while maintaining the financial strength of the company.
  • Profitable growth will pursue while maintaining excellence in existing business.
  • Growth opportunities will sought actively within and outside the company in areas which capitalize on KCG’s immense strengths.
  • Positions of market leadership to be continuously pursue.

Human Resources

Health and Safety

KCG continues to place an excessive value on health and safety. In 2013, the Group’s work environment policy is change. The company’s network for improving the workplace is quite active, and extra resources have been set up to carry out benchmarking across KCG with an emphasis on internal learning, increase collaboration, and honesty. Changing behavior at work to improve the safety culture has been a major focus of recent initiatives. There are more events and risk observations as a result of improvements in the reporting of incidents, incidents, and risk observations. This plays a significant role in the Group’s work on preventive health and safety.

In recent years, the Group has seen a positive trend concerning the number of accidents. Work is now moving forward to achieve KCG vision of being a zero accident organization.

Equality & Diversity

Each element of the Group’s operation has imprinted with the idea that every person is important in every way. KCG strives to be a workplace where everyone is acknowledge and never harass or treat with contempt; no form of discrimination is accept.

Tools for HR Work

HR work is govern by laws, contracts and polices, and forms a natural part of the Group’s business plans.

The Personnel Policy

Reflects the Group’s perspective on what makes for effective human resources management. It highlights how management and staff must work together to establish a positive work environment that promotes growth.

The Work Environment Policy

This policy, which is revise in 2013, contains the principles for how work environment activities are to be run in KCG.

KCG’s Employees

The secret to KCG’s ongoing success is attracting, training, and keeping employees who are brave, motivate, and responsible. Underline by KCG’s basic values, the workers’ collective skills and competencies serve as an engine of successful growth.

Future Career Potential

Skills development is one of our goals at KCG. This is shown via participation in projects, taking training courses, changing jobs, or adopting new roles. Internal mobility is encourage, and many staff members have held a variety of duties at KCG. Regular internal mentoring initiatives are popular by staff members since they promote both professional and personal growth.

Value-Based Leadership

KCG strongly supports value-based leadership, in which managers inspire their staff by exhibiting courage, inspiring dedication, and delegating responsibility. Such an approach encourages greater involvement and dynamism, resulting in a more change-oriented company.

We Offer Specialized Solutions

We are sure that we will find the solution you’re looking for thanks to our special services, which include concrete reconstruction, fireproofing, and waterproofing.

Our product line has been carefully chosen to meet the rising need for cutting-edge engineering materials and solutions in response to a growing concern for construction materials, solutions, protection, and environmental issues.

Our 21 firms, offering an extensive variety of services and have several branches around the Kingdom, cover the whole Saudi market. We also serve the Middle East through our affiliates in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

Definitive Expertise

Our taskforce is made up of experts with decades of collective expertise. In whatever they do, they uphold high standards of excellence. This is how we keep our position as market leaders.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. If you have any specific concerns or requests before you do business with us, or would like a consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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