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About King Abdullah University (KAUST)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a graduate research university founded in 2009, is dedicated to discovering answers to some of the most important scientific and technical problems. In the fields of food and health, water, energy, the environment, and the digital sphere, internationally and in Saudi Arabia. With innovative labs, renowned teachers, and gifted students, KAUST creates an environment where curiosity drives interdisciplinary problem-solving.

To improve research, KAUST brings together the most talented researchers from around the world. On campus, people from more than 120 different countries live, work, and study.

With research resulting in unique patents and products, innovative companies, regional and international initiatives, and partnership with other academic institutions, industry, and Saudi businesses, KAUST is also a catalyst for innovation, economic development, and social success.

Museum of Science and Technology In Islam

The MOSTI Museum celebrates the contributions of Muslim scholars to science and technology during the first Golden Age of Islam from 650 to 1650.


KAUST aims to be an institution for technological and scientific research and education. We want to act as a knowledge bright that connects people and cultures for the advancement of humanity with inspiring discoveries to address global issues.


Through creative and collaborative research which is connected with graduate education, KAUST advances science and technology. In Saudi Arabia and all over the world, we serve as a catalyst for innovation, prosperity, and social success.

We are here to enhance scientific knowledge and promote its wide dissemination and useful applications. With a special focus on four areas of global significance—food, water, energy, and the environment—we work to improve society’s well-being.


As a new institution, KAUST has the distinct advantage to have been purposefully designed as a global and private university with several key attributes:

  1. A setting that promotes excellent, curiosity-driven, and goal-oriented research. Through our endowment, we provide flexible and continuous funding for the development of long-term scientific goals. Our employees have the freedom and encouragement to achieve their goals and participate in enthusiastic, independent study. Few universities receive this level of reliable assistance. We hold ourselves to highest standards of behavior, performance, and ethics in return.
  2. A common DNA code that unites traditions, convictions, and habits. This is reflected in our (a) diverse and international university community of faculty, students, and staff, (b) strategic and ongoing relationships with major organizations around the world, (c) dedication to advancing society by emphasizing areas of global strategic importance.
  3. Academic divisions and research centers organized around disciplines. We encourage our faculty, researchers, and students to be entrepreneurial and free-spirited. While pursuing research that translates science into discoveries and new technologies through our matrix structure of three Academic Divisions. Covering multiple disciplines and eleven strategically connected Research Centers.
  4. Unparalleled laboratory resources, tools, and knowledge. We provide our employees and our research partners the chance to carry conduct experimental research in an encouraging environment with excellent facilities, tools, and support personnel. We have an important competitive advantage over other schools because we can maintain these excellent facilities over the long term.
  5. A distinct educational experience and a collaborative learning the atmosphere. Our educational environment encourages KAUST students to assess their ideas’ ability to impact the world beyond of the lab. We encourage cooperation, excellence, curiosity, honesty, and a passion for doing things that matter through the spirit of discover


People from Saudi Arabia and other nations who want to make an impact beyond their own achievements are drawn to KAUST. Irrespective of where they come from, KAUST staff members are “people of the world” who uphold our values of achievement, passion, inspiration, citizenship, diversity, integrity, and openness.

Those who join us are here by the:

  • Aspire to work with others who believed tackling the world’s problems is a worthwhile endeavor.
  • Develop the chance to promote science and innovation within a historic organization.
  • Have the chance to live in a culturally diverse setting where they and their families can thrive.

In return, we invest in our people to help them fulfill their intellectual and personal potential. Together we guided by these principles:

  • The growth of science and technology for the betterment of society. We support teamwork among scientists, researchers, students, and staff members from different fields, countries, and traditions. In our attempt for greatness, we utilize of these international partnerships to support national objectives and solve worldwide challenges.
  • An environment which encourages research and respectful, passionate debate. We dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of moral, ethical, and professional behavior in all aspects of our daily activities in the community as well as in our academic and research activities.
  • Dedication to academic and professional best practices that promote transparency and meritocracy in the recruiting, development, and promotion of our personnel. We embrace global benchmarks for performance and committed to excellence in all of our efforts.

In cooperation, these values and guiding principles act as a unifying and energizing force that connects people from all backgrounds and cultures in a pleasant, open, and transparent community. KAUST acts globally and provides both locally and internationally in education, research, and innovation.

Academic Divisions and Research Centers

To achieve its mission, KAUST engages in both curiosity-driven and goal-oriented research through its Academic Divisions and Research Centers.

Academic Divisions

The Academic Divisions make investment in people and enhance their knowledge in a variety of participants. They focus an emphasis on fundamental knowledge about science and engineering while fostering environments that encourage creativity and innovation. Our funding model, which is design for long-term research and represents. Our faith in the intellectual potential of curiosity and discovery, supports our people and the ideas they develop.

Comprehensive scientific and engineering capabilities are built by the Academic Divisions through graduate study facilitate by cutting-edge research. Our graduate students contribute to the research environment by working with our great faculty and having access to world-class facilities built to expand their ideas in education. After graduating, our alumni continue their education and training to advance the knowledge economy and innovation ecosystem both domestically in more than 40 other countries.

Research centers

Our Research Institutes make significant investments, offer a thematic focus. A critical mass for conducting goal-oriented research that addresses key problems for the Kingdom and worldwide. By fostering innovative and problem-solving techniques in an interdisciplinary, team-based setting, they invigorate graduate education. They serve as centers for company interaction.

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