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About the  Mouwasat Medical Services

As an individual entity headed by Mr. Mohammed Sultan Subaie, Mouwasat Medical Services is established in Dammam in 1975 under Commercial Registration No. 2050032029. Here, it initially began as a first medical operation as a private dispensary.

The legal form of the company changed to a Limited Liability Company on the 12th of Ramadan, 1417 (that matches January 22, 1997) under Commercial Registration number 2050032029, issued in Dammam with a capital of three million Saudi Riyals. Hospitals, health centres, drug warehouses, and pharmacies belong to the organisations that the company controls, supervises, works, and maintains.

The patient’s philosophy is the first item The Mouwasat Group follows. The group’s mission and vision is focused on patients; put the requirements of the patient at the top of the organization’s list of priorities. The group wants to offer the patient a seamless experience from the beginning of the process of treatment to full recovery. It takes each step seriously, from greeting visitors, waiting spaces, and environment to patient rooms, cooking areas, and operation rooms, as well as the equipment and recruitment of experts for different specialisations.

Our Vision

We provide excellent health focuses both inside and outside the Kingdom through the combination of cutting-edge technology, medical treatments that have been scientifically proven in both theory and clinical practise, with best practises, close collaboration with local and international medical organisations, and a belief in everybody’s right to excellent health care.

Our Mission

Providing our clients with enduring, excellent healthcare of the highest standard, with an ongoing commitment to improving both our medical services and the skills and abilities of our staff, while taking into account the desired future based on innovation and teamwork.

Our Values

The hospital adopts values ​​and ethical principles that guide us in fulfilling our mission and determines how we work in our organization.

  • Excellence can be achieved through resource development, patient care, and quality.
  • Integrity, integrity, reverence for others, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • Trust and respect for the individual are principles.
  • Working as a team: working to achieve goals.
  • Being responsibility requires commitment and loyalty.
  • Safety: commitment to protecting patient and environmental security.
  • Performance excellence and responsibility for finances.

Major Share Holders and Clients

Al-Mouwasat Medical Services Company is proud to offer its medical services. The cardholders of all insurance companies operating in the Kingdom under the guidance of the Cooperative Health Insurance Board. As a result the network of hospitals it has established in the major cities of the kingdom.

Through an agreement with Jones Hopkins, it provides services to Saudi Aramco workers and their families.

Additionally, the organisation offers a wide range of cash patients, where it has created an impact for its own as one of the most essential healthcare providers in the Kingdom.

The largest hospital group’s clients:

  • Ministry of Health.
  • All insurance companies are under the Cooperative Health Insurance Board.
  • Johns Hopkins Center – Saudi Aramco Employees.
  • Basic Industries Company (SABIC).
  • The cooperative Company.
  • Medgulf Company.

Competitive Advantage,Future Plans and Prospects:

Since its establishment, the organisation has worked to make sure to deliver high-quality medical services while also competing with other providers of healthcare in the kingdom by providing affordable services.

The organisation also ensured excellence in providing services with value and outperformed competing providers of health care services.

The group competitive advantages include:

Focus on Strategies Planing:

It is essential to possess a full understanding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s health care market, including its demands and the services that must be provided those needs.

Good profits and stable financial center:

The company’s stable financial health helps it implement their goals and grow its network by covering other cities in the Kingdom.

Enabling environment for economy and business:

A variety of factors, such as the Kingdom’s continued demand for private sector institutions to boost their contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and improve the services they provide, as well as demographic growth rates and increasing demand for health care services, are responsible for the Kingdom’s positive economic environment.

Good reputation:

Due to the group’s commitment over the past three decades. Which can be observed in the health care services and offers to its clients, consumers and companies. It has an excellent reputation among Saudis.

A broad base of clients:

The business has an extensive variety of clients that managed to attract and keep over time. Leading corporations like Saudi Aramco, which remains a client of Mouwasat since 1996, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Arabian Airlines Company, General Organisations for Social Insurance (GOSI), all insurance service providers related to the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, and many other companies with direct contracts are part of the network of clients.

Up-to-date information systems supported by a highly qualified technical and administrative team:

The organisation has advanced computers, multidisciplinary teams, and teams with national and global expertise. Including hospitals that are managed according with global standards. In addition, the organisation use a variety of administrative policies and practises. Improving the efficiency of its human resources in accordance with key metrics of performance.

Joint cooperation agreements:

With various internationally businesses, institutions, hospitals, and clinics, the group have entered into a number of interactive cooperation agreements that have boosted the standard of healthcare services delivered by the group hospitals.

Continuous efforts to transition the group to an international accredited medical entity:

The company makes sure that the worldwide standards are followed in all aspects of its everyday operations, and it appoints experts and consultants to assess its performance. The group was effective in receiving several international accreditations to deliver services that exceeded international standards.

Comprehensive services:

A wide range of excellent health care services in all medical fields are offered by the group hospitals and specialised medical facilities. The group was capable to attract some of the best talent from Arab world, Africa, Europe, and America because of historical reputation.

Administrative team with wide experience:

The group administrative team enjoys:

  • In strategic planning and researching future healthcare supply and demand.
  • Advanced capabilities in managing large hospitals and medical centers.
  • Procedures and information systems and monitoring their efficiency.

Future plans:

The company implemented a number of innovations that are consistent with its goal to provide superior services to its clients and its strategy to reach all areas of the kingdom. To do this, the group added a number of new medical services to the hospitals, including the Heart Care Centre. In addition, the organisation built a centre for treatment of genetic illnesses. Dammam’s Mouwasat Hospital, which additionally offers infertility, the fertilization process, and in vitro fertilization services.

The group realize the following objectives during the next five years:

  • Increase the group market share by 5%.
  • Development of financial control system.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified human resources.
  • Providing a complementary set of priority health care services to the local community.
  • Obtaining and maintaining international accreditation certificates.
  • Providing high-quality medication dispensing services.

Future prospects:

As part of its strategy goal to reach all of the kingdom’s regions and satisfy the increasing need for healthcare services. The organisation established ambitious plans to expand its current facilities and construct new facilities and centres.

The organisation works attentive to offer its services to all Saudi Arabian nationals and residents. To help offer and potential clients of the company successfully access our services. The management of the organisation is currently thinking about utilising possibilities to develop healthcare facilities in the western part of the Kingdom.

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