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About Nama Chemicals

Nama Chemicals depends on the investment activities of a company that created and runs chemical and petrochemical industry-related industrial projects. Including the JANA plant, which has a yearly capacity of producing 120 thousand tones of epoxy. As well as the soda project, which yearly generates 50,000 tons of caustic soda prills. This is in addition to the Hassad project, which may generate 250 thousand tons of different chemicals per year. Including the mixture ECH and caustic soda, chlorine, and calcium chloride.


NAMA’s origins date back to 1992, when it was just a small chemical business with offices in Jubail. The city of Jubail, which is located on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia along the Persian Gulf, has experienced a rapid growth over the past 20 years and has grown into a significant industrial center. NAMA’s growth has coincided with the development of the city since it rapidly made a name for itself on the national and eventually worldwide stage.

Products for the world

Nama Chemicals Company is a Saudi Arabia-based joint stock corporation that is listed on Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” as NAMA.

Epoxy, epichlorohydrin, caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, and calcium chloride are just some of the items that NAMA produces and sells. These chemicals are utilised globally in a wide range of applications and industries. Additionally, full-fledged affiliates, subsidiaries, and divisions are involved in developing, buying, running, and monitoring industrial projects in the petrochemical and chemical industries.


By following international standards in quality control, occupational safety, and business practices; utilizing the cleanest and most advanced technologies; and maximizing the potential of our human capital through training and education, we will be able to supply our customers with the best products and services and maximize value for all of our stakeholders.


NAMA will continue to strive to fulfil needs and demands, establish and foster strategic alliances, and to provide cutting-edge solutions that ensure satisfaction in order to maintain market leadership.

Our Products

Razeen® and Araldite®

In 2004, Jana developed the Razeen® brand, under which it offers its own resins. Many of the current global leaders in the coatings, resin, composite and civil construction industries want Razeen® resins to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. Huntsman has a permit to use the Araldite® brand, which has been around for over 50 years in specific parts of Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, and some European nations.

Product types:

  • Liquid Resins
  • Solution Resins
  • Reactive Diluents
  • Solid Resins

Caustic Soda

In 2004, Jana launched its own resin brand, Razeen®, under which it sells its goods. Many of today’s worldwide leaders in the coatings, resin, and composite and civil construction industries demand that Razeen® resins be manufacture to the highest quality and sustainability standards. In particular areas of Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, and several European nations, the Araldite® brand, which was around for more than 50 years, is used with Huntsman’s approval.



  • Highly hygroscopic and deliquescent (soluble in moisture absorbed from the atmosphere), odorless, and non-combustible.
  • Reacts naturally with metals like lead, zinc, aluminum (to form sodium aluminate NaAlO2), magnesium, and other metals to produce hydrogen gas.
  • Reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form sodium carbonate.
  • Reacts with a variety of acids to create the sodium salt of the acid anion plus water, for example, sodium chloride when hydrochloric acid is given.
  • Produces sodium methoxide when it reacts with methanol, a strong base that is used to make a number of metal carboxylates for the coatings industry as well as to make biodiesel.

Caustic soda in the form of Prill’s offer distinct advantages over flakes, as shown below:

  • Prills which are uniform and at the correct size have excellent free-flow characteristics and help create dry mixes with remaining blending characteristics.
  • To ensure worker safety, pills are tough and crush-resistant so that they won’t easily degrade into annoying dust.
  • Prills dissolve faster and only require just a little bit of agitation.
  • Prills take up less space for each grammars of Caustic than flakes since they are denser than flakes. This allows for the best feasible use of storage facilities and the most economical transport available.


In addition to being used to make synthetic glycerol, elastomers, polyamines, water treatment chemicals, flame retardants, and a variety of glycidyl derivatives. Epichlorohydrin is a chemical intermediate used to create epoxy resins, paper polymers for wet strength, water treatment, and synthetic glycerol.


Processes and procedures

Expertise in technology and cutting-edge technologies guarantee that all of our products, as well as the procedures and processes we use to produce them. Adhere to strict industry standards, maintaining the health and safety of our workers. These are also regularly revised to protect workers and the area around them.

Design and construction

The creation of new facilities with a focus on safety is crucial to making sure that workers have full protection. While performing their duties and operating the plants.

Learning and training

In addition, employees receive instruction on how to use every equipment, and timely and proper repair is carried out on it. Regular and ongoing employee training consists of classes, demonstrations, drills, and personally guidance.


Due to its commitment to using the most modern manufacturing methods to minimize or eliminate adverse environmental repercussions. Nama is happy to have achieved ISO 14001 accreditation.

We promise to give the Saudi people a clean, healthy, and beautiful country and improve its foundations. Since we believe that carrying this responsibility will benefit local and global communities.

Quality policy

Through our work at Nama Chemicals Company and all of its subsidiaries. We obtained the ISO 9001 accreditation with the goal of achieving excellence in our business. Managing all operational activities in accordance with the most stringent global requirements and guidelines. We also committed to support an integrated management system for environmental, health, safety, quality, and care obligations.

  • Provide our workers and business partners with a safe, secure, and healthy workplace.
  • Eliminate hazards at work to lower risk to health and safety by putting in controls based on hierarchy.
  • Manage wastes safely and ethically, minimizing any adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle your waste materials.
  • Produce products and offer services that will result in the highest levels of client satisfaction in terms of quality, price, and delivery.
  • Full compliance to all guidelines and instructions.
  • Give quality the highest priority possible and never make compromise.
  • Encourage employee participation and consultation through a variety of means.
  • Comply with all legal requirements that are relevant to our processes, including interested parties who are relevant.
  • Offer sufficient training and resources to improve business performance.
  • Understand the requirements of Responsible Care with effective methods.

Work with us

NAMA has been named one of Saudi Arabia’s top 100 companies.

Talented and dedicated workers can anticipate and ensure a successful career with us. We are a rapidly expanding company with ambitious plans for the future, and we put the needs of our staff members first. We commit ourselves to the development of our human capital since we understand that our employees are our most valuable assets.

Our varied, multicultural employees, their seamless teamwork, and their commitment to our company are all things we are proud of. In exchange, we make investment in their well-being and health and provide all employees with ongoing training and adult education that is connected to their careers. Additionally, we actively point out on Saudi employees’ technical expertise, supervisory potential, and English language ability.

The NAMA is completely committed to workplace safety, and we make sure that each employee is secure in carrying out their assigned activities. Our employees are proud of how we treat the environment and the careful measures we use to protect it. In all we do, we try to be good corporate citizens and improve the level of life in our communities.

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