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Navitas Educational Group in Saudi Arabia

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About the Navitas

Navitas is One of the biggest education providers in the globe, Navitas helps many students in changing their life with education. Leading the way in the global education industry, we provide life-changing learning opportunities by offering a wide range of educational services to more than 60,000 ambitious students annually at more than 90 campuses and colleges throughout our global network in 20 countries.

We accomplish this by depend on the contributions of a talented and diverse workforce of more than 5,000 employees. Thousands of students from all over the world have graduated from Navitas colleges in the last three decades, have given a teaching and learning environment that has enabled them to realise their potential and realise their goals.

Pathway colleges

Ten years after we built our first pathway college, we now had six colleges around Australia that provide university pathway programmes. We brought the pathway model to the UK in 2000.

34 universities in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries are now partners with us. Numerous of our universities are expanding their pathway offerings to include domestic students due to the program’s success with overseas students.

Global campuses

We built and operated Curtin University’s Curtin Singapore campus together in 2008. Through this collaboration, students from Singapore and other nations might also obtain degrees from Curtin University in Australia.

We now lead the globe in campus management, giving more colleges access to excellent international opportunities.


Our goal is to be the world’s greatest global education provider for people, partners, and students.

Our purpose

To use education to change people’s lives. We have an intense dedication to improving student outcomes, fostering career prospects through lifelong learning, and leading the way globally in the provision of superior learning solutions.

Our values inspire us

In keeping with our six Navitas values, our yearly employee INSPIRE awards are a celebration of the exceptional talent inside the business as well as the noteworthy accomplishments of people, teams, and colleges.

Working at Navitas

The options available to us at Navitas are equally diverse as our international coworkers. Together, we contribute to deciding our students’ futures.

Education and support

Work directly with our learning and teaching community to positively impact the lives of our students.

Sales and marketing

Become the trusted face of the business, connecting students with partners and study options.

Digital technology

Support our people and learning communities through digital solutions.

Operations support

Have an impact by delivering innovative business operations and support.

Navitas is where work has meaning


Because of the worldwide nature of our company and the extensive variety in the world which we operate.


We collaborate across boundaries, offices, time zones, and screens; wherever you are, you’ll have access to the internet.


Our impact is far-reaching; we create lasting legacies for students and communities. We are global citizens.


Take your offerings to the world

We collaborate with academic institutions to support global campuses, international staff hosting services, pathway programmes, and other initiatives. As a highly adaptable and seasoned supplier, we may widen your institution’s worldwide reach by sharing our global resources, knowledge, and skills.

Join the international education experts

We collaborate with more than 2,300 agency partners globally. Through higher education, Navitas has helped hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic learners in changing their lives. We provide students with the necessary skills to participate in the degree programme of their choice at the institution of their choice in collaboration with our international university partners. Being one of the top global education providers in the world, we have over 30 university interactions spread across the globe, from the UK to Australia, the UAE to the US.

We lead students to success in their first year of university abroad.

Our passion has always been introducing students to an unique educational experience. We recognise that the range of educational requirements reflects the diversity of our pupils. We provide options for each study objective because of this. Students may attend custom first-year comparable programmes, in-country English language instruction, and vocational training with us while developing the skills necessary for their future employment and undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Trusted delivery partner

When it comes to providing government services, Navitas has a solid track record and the capacity to provide a much customised solution. We have connections with departments in the public sector and at various levels of government, and we have expertise developing grants and contracts.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services with the capability to tailor a program to your needs. Some of our current offerings include:

  • Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) for migrants and refugees
  • Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) for job seekers
  • Foundation Skills for Your Future for personalised individual or workplace training in LLND skills.

Navitas Skilled Futures

Through the development of their reading, numeracy, and digital skills, over 250,000 migrants and refugees received support from Navitas Skilled Futures over the course of the previous 25 years as they work to build better futures.

Encouraging individuals to live the greatest possible lives in Australia is important to us. We think that everyone should be given the knowledge and abilities necessary to enter a better future full of hope, optimism, and advancement.

Our impact

We are committed to being part of the solution to some of the world’s most serious challenges.

Our approach to managing our impact aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our approach to sustainable impact

Beyond the experiences we provide for our students, we hope to change lives through education. A sustainable impact is one that benefits all of our people and communities in a meaningful and lasting way.

As educators, employers, and global citizens, we think that experienced impact occurs when we take into account the relationships between education, community, people, and culture while making decisions.

Navitas Education Trust

The Navitas Education Trust (NET) works with development agencies that emphasise education to improve school communities globally.

Truth and Reconciliation

Our commitment is in improving our learning communities and creating a work environment that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value the contributions made by our friends and colleagues who are First Nations and who offer wisdom and insights acquired from their own experiences as well as the experiences of generations before.



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October 19, 2023