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About Nesma and Partners

Nesma and Partners is a leading contracting company & service provider that deliver innovative solutions to some of the biggest energy & infrastructure challenges in the Middle East.

Our partnership of four shareholders today: Nesma Contracting Limited, Alturki Holding, Rawabi Holding, and the Public Investment Fund (PIF). We were established in 1981 to satisfy the demands of a rising economy in the rapidly developing Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Developed over 40 years into a leading innovator serving the entire region, with an excellent record of achievement in completing the most challenging industrial, infrastructure, and building construction projects.

We strive to give everybody of our 35,000+ workers a platform to follow their passions in a fluid, creative the job. We are proud of our diverse workforce, which represents more than 56 different countries.

Mission and Vision

We have committed ourselves to creating jobs major industries related to the construction sector and focused on our duty. To create sustainable mega-projects that help to shape an improved future for both our staff and the communities we serve, as inspired by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objective.

Key Projects


In a constantly modernizing economy, Nesma and Partners continues to offer cutting-edge solutions to suit the growing energy needs of a variety of clients. We provide an array of services across the upstream, midstream, and downstream. As well as storage solutions and industrial facilities, and have a proven track record of success in completing projects in the industrial and oil and gas sectors.


Since its inception, Nesma & Partners has built lasting relationships with clients. In the public sector and collaborated with leaders across the Kingdom. To promote the development of our country’s essential infrastructure, improve the quality of life for all members of our community, and advance progress. We have completed massive urban development initiatives as well as built the aviation infrastructure. From utilities and underground infrastructure to transportation infrastructure, airside & landside services, site enhancement and development, landscaping and landscaping, and more, we offer a wide range of services.


Nesma & Partners has built a reputation as Saudi Arabia’s reliable general contractor over the course of the past 40 years. As a major provider in the Kingdom’s construction sector.  We often complete projects in a variety of sectors, such as healthcare, real estate, hospitality, and leisure. And we provide a full range of construction services, including electromechanical & HVAC, fit-out works, facade work, testing & commissioning, and more.

Our Capabilities

In the field of construction, Nesma and Partners has more than 42 years of expertise. We take happiness in the fact that we are being held up as a model for managing and carrying out projects including building, infrastructure, and energy. We have completed more than 200 projects, actively employ over 35,000 people, and own more than 10,000 pieces of machinery and vehicles as of 2023.

Since 1981, the year we first went into the building sector, we have built up the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to take on large projects under various contractual frameworks. (Design-Build, Engineering Procurement & Construction – EPC, Lump-Sum Turnkey, and others), from inception to completion and handover, while effectively dealing with all difficulties and client demands. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen the construction of a significant number of diverse projects by Nesma & Partners. Numerous of these projects were completed as turnkey operations while maintaining a high standard of technical and aesthetic excellence.

In all of our projects, we make sure to utilize our in-house engineering resources, which include:

  • Review of 2nd party design drawings.
  • Utility coordination and clash detection.
  • Vendor coordination and vendor drawings.
  • BIM & REVIT 3D Modeling.
  • Design development (60% to 100%) and preparation of issued-for-construction drawings, shop drawings, and as-built drawings.

A Holistic Approach To Sustainability

At Nesma & Partners, we adopt an integrated approach to sustainability, focusing reducing our negative effects on the environment, promoting social responsibility, and maintaining sound governance procedures. That’s why we start our construction processes out using green building certifications like LEED. This means that we deliver to our building residents a healthier and more sustainable environment. Through projects that satisfy the highest energy and resource efficiency standards.

Employee Training and Engagement

Our sustainability strategy involves staff engagement and training as a further important aspect. We know that our employees are crucial to advancing sustainability. Therefore we educate them on sustainability concepts and best practices via training and awareness campaigns.

Local Engagement

Furthermore, we encourage interacting with all of our stakeholders—including neighborhood associations, vendors, and partners—to advance sustainable business practices across the entire value chain. This includes interacting with suppliers and partners to promote ethical business. Practices and working with local communities to identify and address their sustainability challenges.

Regular Assessments

We regularly carry out sustainability audits and assessments that assess our environmental impacts. Allowing us to identify opportunities for improvement and track our development over time. This includes maintaining an eye on issues like energy use, generation of waste, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions, among other things.

Our People

We are proud of the more than 35,000 bright and dedicated members of our team who have committed themselves to creating innovative and long-lasting advancement for future generations.

Nesma & Partners’ greatest assets are the expertise and skills of the staff. We support our employees’ ideas and creativity, and we are fully committed to diversity and inclusion by prohibiting discrimination in every aspect of the job.

Localization and Nationalization

We are developing and carrying out localization strategies for capacity/capability building and procurement by partnering with local leaders, such as local stakeholders, and emphasizing the acquisition of local and sustainable supplies.

Our Culture of Health, Safety and Security

We place a high value on the safety of our partners, employees, and the general public, and we make sure that our entire organization adheres with all local, national, and international safety regulations and standards.

Through our safety programmers, we promote a proactive safety culture to further this goal:

  • Monthly and yearly HSE performance monitoring.
  • Monthly and annual HSE training and awareness campaigns.
  • Safety appreciation and award programs.


The main target for Nesma & Partners is to uphold quality in every aspect of its operations. This commitment has been ingrained in our processes and culture.

Because of this, we created an integrated management system that integrates. Every aspect of our business operations under a single framework.

In accordance with allow quality plans, Method Statements, Inspection and Test Plans, and quality procedures. The QA/QC team at Nesma & Partners runs an effective quality control system. Over 700 QA/QC experts work for us now.

Last but not a minimum, Nesma & Partners is an ASME-authorized business. That can construct and assemble pressure piping with the ‘PP’ stamp and power boilers carrying the ‘A’ stamp.


While Nesma & Partners takes pride in getting an open, positive, and innovative workplace. It additionally encourages its staff for achievement by making ensure that job descriptions are clear, developing career paths, and offering opportunities for growth.

As part of our commitment to being an inclusive workplace and in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Nesma & Partners welcomes the skills and talents of all people, including those who have disabilities.

Nesma High Training Institute

Training, in the view of Nesma & Partners, is the foundation for sustaining and developing Saudi talent. The simplest way to do this is to assist them become successful in their careers and jobs.

We created the Nesma High Training Institute (NHTI) for this reason. Through the NHTI, we support the growth and training of Saudi fresh so they are able to keep up with developments in education and job demands of the market.

The three training categories that NHTI emphasizes are technical, soft skills, and organizational.  Our Saudi youth may receive training at Nesma & Partners or in collaboration with outside educational institutions. Equipping them to lead the construction industry in the future.

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