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Pearson Middle East, an arm of the largest learning organisation in the world, which has over 40,000 employees spread across more than 80 nations. The mission of Pearson in the Middle East and throughout the world is to support people in improving their lives through education.

In order to provide modern learning solutions with the potential to truly change lives, our dedicated Middle East team collaborates with governments, business, institutions, educators, and students from all around the region. Pearson focuses the results of learning. Our strengths focus on achieving learner results and equipping students with the skills they need to thrive in the competitive world of the twenty-first century.

We have been providing our regional clients the learning resources, technology, evaluations, and services that result in outstanding learning encounters for many years. We take pride in being thought leaders in the field of education, and we work to share our expertise and experience with people all around the Middle East through this website.


We use our expertise, experience, and technology to reach more people worldwide than ever before with the greatest learning products. We do it because we are here to help people reach their potential and we are aware that when we show the importance of education is, it demonstrates how important our company and transforms lives.

Learning for life

We are here to assist people in reaching their goals, wherever they are and however they want to learn, irrespective changes in consumer behaviour and technological advancements. We can support a person’s entire learning life, from formal schooling to the workplace and beyond, with carefully designed online tools and rich material, complete courses, and curriculum assistance. More so than ever, formal education, which currently accounts for 75% of the learning market, is being driven by lifelong and non-academic learning, especially for reskilling and upskilling. By 2030, we expect over a billion more learners to have completed formal education.

Success Programs

The combination of abilities necessary for success in the future will differ from what exists today and will continue to grow, making lifelong learning the new norm. With our fun, online Student Success and Career Success Programmes, you can help your students get ready for the future.

Digital Transformation

Because the skill combinations required for success in the future will differ from those needs today and will continue to change, lifelong learning has become a new norm. With our fun, online programmes for student success and career success, you can help prepare your students for the future.

Professional Skills Collection

Explore our selection of books to give your students a head start in their chosen fields. The latest knowledge from the top minds in business, computing, personal development, and design is available through our top-of-the professional skills collection.

Programs to Develop Personal and Social Capabilities

Personal and social skills, frequently referred to as “soft” talents, are essential for a successful career. These skills are sought after and anticipate by employers. We create the Personal and Social Capabilities (PSC) Framework to meet this demand.

PSC highlights six basic areas of “soft” skills people need to succeed in every employment situation. These categories were created following a detailed study of existing 21st century skills frameworks, social skills, research related to employability skills, and labour market data.

Our two online programmes can help your college students recognise, develop, and demonstrate these important abilities.

Local Success Story

Find out how implementing our Success Programmes has benefited Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University.

Student Success

Our programme for student success increases students’ knowledge and develops essential skills for kept going personal and professional growth. Rich analytics allow teachers to assess pupils’ potential for success in college and the workplace by identifying their strengths and limitations.

Career Success

Our Career Success Programme provides tools for career development to assist students get ready for the workplace of today. Students often are unsure of where to begin when it comes to planning for the future. Use Pearson Career Success to set them on the proper course.

Join our Higher Education Webinars

Welcome to our Middle East Higher Education Webinar Series. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of webinars to help you with your teaching and digital transformation.

To view our latest event series and to reserve your spot, visit our News and Events page.

Simply browse the list of webinars, decide which ones interest to you, then sign up for them. An updated confirmation with the webinar URL and other information will be sent to you. We’ll make sure to remind you before to the webinar’s start time as well.

You can also access webinar recordings for a wide range of our digital platforms.

English Learning Programs for Schools and Universities

You will find all the necessary course materials, exams, certifications, and professional growth. Our Pearson Connected English Learning Programme is the outcome of our learning experts’ 25 years of study and expertise. It has effectively built to boost your English learners’ confidence and accelerate their development, and it contains a complete set of courseware, tests, and certification.

The new way to teach English

a revolutionary platform that gives you the maximum flexibility to teach English in the ‘new’ hybrid classroom in a communicative and interactive way. It requires effective teaching techniques to transfer to an online environment. An original in English language training.

  • Fully interactive digital experience
  • Monitoring progress and performance
  • Makes online teaching as effective as in-class
  • Removes the stress

English tests for study, work, and visas

Do it Worry Free

Accepted by the Australian, New Zealand, and UK governments. Trusted by over 3,000 universities and colleges worldwide.

Pearson Test of English is fast, fair and accurate.

  • One single sitting
  • 2 hours only
  • AI computer-based
  • Results in 48 hours

The promise of every industry

Our products have been tailor to suit your requirements. Whether you are hiring new applicants or managing the learning and development of English skills for your staff.

We are Pearson; the world’s learning company and the UK’s largest awarding organisation.

Both academic Pearson Excel and career-base Pearson BTEC certifications is given by Pearson. Together, they can be studied to give students a complete set of skills that will prepare them for life after school. Our objective is to make the student the center of the learning process and provide them the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Pearson Middle East

Our qualifications have given thousands of students in the Middle East the abilities, information. And attitudes required to move on to the next phase of their education or careers. Top colleges all through the world accept our credentials, and companies view them as a proof of real-world expertise in the field.

In order to ensure the best outcomes for schools and students, we take great joy in being able to supply materials and resources together with our credentials. With resources, certifications, and assistance for children ages 3 to 19. We can assist your teaching and learning journey whether you use the British curriculum, the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, or a combination of both.

Why Choose Pearson?

Our qualifications provide Middle Eastern students with a route to top colleges and interesting career opportunities.

Our credentials is being taken by more than 3.4 million students worldwide. Leading universities all through the world accept Pearson A levels and BTECs. We engage with employers and higher education stakeholders to ensure that learners receive the training they need to improve their employability.

What is Pearson BTEC International?

Students who achieve Pearson BTEC International qualifications are prepare for future study at universities or in the working world. These credentials are very practical and career-focused. Alongside Pearson academic certificates, students can study BTECs to develop transferable skills for life. BTEC courses place a strong emphasis on skills-based learning and are structured around themed units that are assessed regularly. Business, IT, the performing arts, science, travel & tourism, and sports are among the topics explored.

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