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About the SABIC

SABIC, from improving the fuel efficiency of automobiles and aircraft to preserving the world’s water supply and enabling vibrant smartphone cases, we solve problems in the present to support our clients in realising their goals and creating a brighter future.


We obtain knowledge by understanding the needs of our clients, and we apply our technological know-how to customise solutions that will help them retain their edge over others in the future.


An essential component of our primary business plan is sustainability. We are ensuring that we are aware of the megatrends that will affect our lives in the upcoming years.


We adhere to making long-term investments and forming a commercial partnerships via the use of innovation, education, and operational excellence.


People have made contributions to the development, production, and marketing of fresh ideas that benefit business and humanity equally. Here at SABIC, we enable you to bring your ideas to life and have an impact.


We think that humanity’s propensity towards cooperation holds the key to solving some of the greatest challenges facing the globe. We are creating Chemistry that Matters together.


Our goal of shaping the petrochemical industry’s future has led to answers for today’s problems and assisted our clients in realising their aspirations for a brighter tomorrow for more than 40 years. We are delivering Chemistry that MattersTM and having a significant impact on the world.


Is to be the preferred world leader in chemicals.


To sustainably deliver high-quality goods and services to our stakeholders while fostering innovation, learning, and operational excellence.


With uncompromising integrity as our foundation we will: Inspire, Engage, Create and Deliver.


We shall innovate, educate ourselves, and make the most use of cutting-edge technology to fully utilise our natural resources and human skill. This respect for both people and the environment represents our values. SABIC takes great pride in its honesty and holds it to the highest standards when it comes to environmental protection, safety, and commercial methods. We won’t let these standards slip.



At SABIC, we’re focused on one purpose: Chemistry those Matters™

For us, chemistry is more than just using technology and research to increase the world’s supply of necessary resources.

Additionally, chemistry controls our relationships with one another, our communities, and our clients. Since we think that what qualifies is using our effort to have a significant and long-lasting impact.

  • Paying attention to what matters most to our clients.
  • Pushing beyond the limits of our own abilities to produce more with less.
  • Working together to develop products that are more intelligent, effective, and high-performing.
  • Giving long-term, dependable service.
  • Looking for fresh ways to support the growth of industries.
  • Establishing trust-based, meaningful connections with all of our stakeholders so that we can grow and thrive together.


This is the objective we have. It serves as our motivation and compass in everything.

Chemistry is not just the material and scientific basis of human accomplishments. Building enduring, dependable collaborations is how we operate.

Making a significant difference for our partners’ clients and communities is what counts so that we may both thrive and expand.


SABIC has a strong volunteerism and donating culture that supports our dedication to sustainability. Our efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that benefit our global neighbours long-term are driven by this culture.

To direct our approach to charitable donations, sponsorships, partnerships, and employee-volunteer programmes, we developed our global CSR strategic tool, RAISE, in 2015. We choose programmes that strengthen SABIC’s brand, meet community needs, and advance our values using the RAISE framework (Reputation, Audience, Innovation, Strategy, and Endurance). In order to promote SABIC’s 2025 goal as well as Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, RAISE prioritises four strategic priority areas: science and technology education, environmental protection, health and wellness, and water and sustainable agriculture. The nine Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which aim to solve the most urgent issues facing society by 2030, are additionally supported by emphasis areas.


  • Align with Corporate Strategy
  • CSR integral to Sustainability Umbrella
  • Consistent global approach
  • Brand recognition and thought leadership
  • Create lasting value


SABIC developed a solid reputation for quality by providing its clients with certainly better goods and services. Its commitment to quality has grown in step with its expanding operations ever since its petrochemical units began functioning in 1983.

SABIC’s Total Quality Management (TQM) programme demonstrates the company’s dedication to quality. For International Standard ISO 9001 certification, all SABIC manufacturing affiliates began their TQM programmes and developed international standards.

Since its founding, SABIC has engaged in joint ventures with top international corporations to benefit from their knowledge and obtain access to cutting edge technologies. With the use of this strategy, SABIC became able to construct factories of the highest calibre and produce a variety of goods, including metals, agri-nutrients, commodity and high performance plastics, and chemicals. The corporation has set up its most severe global quality standards in the production of these goods at all of its facilities.


SABIC is aware that the success of our customers determines its own success. We put a lot of effort into getting an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business goals so that we can design the ideal solution for them at the ideal moment. Our ability to customise material solutions that optimise our clients’ competitive advantage over a longer amount of time is made achievable by our scientific expertise and flexibility in responding to their business requirements. SABIC offers a wide range of goods and services. We have knowledge about the markets in which our clients operate, and we are always looking for innovative approaches and resources to help them achieve.


The automotive, foam/lightweight, and pipe sectors make up the majority of SABIC’s polymers portfolio, which aids in the search for appropriate replacements for traditional materials like wood, cotton, or glass that are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products.


Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) thermoplastic resin, or CYCOLACTM Resin, is a well-known, highly adaptable engineering material with excellent flow, toughness, dimensional stability, colorability, and endurance to scratching and high temperatures. FDA approved.


SABIC’s manufacturing affiliate, Hadeed, completely owns the SABIC brand and supplies its metals goods under it. Leading the Gulf region in steel production and manufacture, SABIC creates premium metals and has been essential in building and industrialising some of the fastest-growing economies on the planet. We are conscientiously working to minimise the ecological impact of our activities. The anticipated 2022 HADEED SOx and NOx levels are 15.4 and 707.28 tons/year, respectively.


We at SABIC are committed to assisting you, our clients, in meeting the challenges of the future. For this reason, we are introducing services that can offer speed and flexibility to our innovative material solutions, enabling you to create new applications faster than ever.


Long-term competition requires innovation and a quicker time to market.

SABIC provides services that give speed and flexibility in addition to a variety of Specialty material options, enabling moulders and manufacturers to develop new applications more quickly than ever before.

We provide specific services for our Specialty items in addition to our creative material solutions. These services allow quicker time to market by offering speed and flexibility.


With the variety of services available from SABIC, start the process of determining the precise colour or effect you desire. We can assist in elevating the aesthetic value of your products with custom compounding, samples, matching existing colour standards, and the development of a new colour that exactly suits your demands.

Providing a wide range of colour options, including custom compounding and colour matching. Let us assist you in making your products stand out.


Understanding global worries about resource scarcity and climate change, SABIC’s business must find a way to thrive while reducing its environmental impact.

As a business that primarily uses hydrocarbon feedstock as the base raw material and the main energy source for our production processes, we have an acute understanding of our own environmental impact and must focus on developing more effective ways to lessen it, especially with a focus on greenhouse gas emissions.

Since non-renewable resources form the foundation of our chemical production processes, we must practise appropriate resource stewardship. Reducing material losses and introducing the idea of a circular economy—in which waste and other manufacturing byproducts are transformed into useful production inputs—are two ways we are attempting to minimise our effects. We have industrial sites in water-stressed areas, with the Middle East being the location of our main activities. We understand the importance of using fresh water sparingly.


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