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About SABIS® Education

SABIS® is a global education network educates students in both the public and private sectors and maintains an active presence in 21 nations across five continents. The SABIS® Educational System, which has undergone numerous changes over more than 135 years, operates in SABIS® schools. All SABIS® Network students benefit from a long history of educational achievement, which centres on a philosophy that tries to give kids an excellent education that equips them to take on the challenges of a changing world.


All SABIS® Network students gain access to a 135-year history of educational achievement, which depends on a concept that aims to make a university education available to the majority of students, not just a small number of students. The value we provide students, who are all admitted based on a non-selective admissions policy, is how we measure our success.


Students who visit schools connected with the SABIS® Network receive an education that depends on a distinct core purpose and a set of core values that enables them to realise their greatest potential.

SABIS® Core Purpose: By adopting the SABIS® Educational System, we aim to deliver an excellent education at an affordable cost and assist all students in realising their full potential.


SABIS® is committed to assisting students in becoming successful citizens of a world that is constantly changing.

Students in SABIS® Network schools have a strong academic foundation they may utilise as a launching pad for future learning thanks to an emphasis on the fundamentals and frequent assessment.

Every SABIS® Network school encourages students to participate in its strong student engagement programs. The SABIS® Student Life Organisation assists students in discovering their interests, skills, and key life skills including leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking.



After they graduate, SABIS® is committed to empowering graduates. Alumni of SABIS® benefit from the opportunities that a SABIS® education offers in many areas of their lives.  They stand for a number of generations of learners who have the skills for success in the dynamic environment of the future.


The SABIS® Educational System is an integrated, comprehensive, Kindergarten through twelfth grade academic program.

In following the SABIS® Educational System, students benefit from:

  • A structured, rigorous, international curriculum.
  • SABIS® books that is completely consistent with state and national standards and proven to keep students engage and learning.
  • Regular assessment that helps students builds a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • State-of-the-art educational resources that keep students interested and involved in the learning process.
  • An active student life that encourages exploration.
  • A secure, orderly, and supportive learning environment that enables kids to concentrate on refining their knowledge, skills, and talents.

The SABIS® Educational System prepares students for college, teaches them how to continue learning through their lives, and helps them develop into well-rounded, responsible, and community-minded people who are successful long-term.


The careful planning and preparation that go into the educational experience for students Network schools ensures that they get the most out of it.

Students benefit from a fluid learning process from one concept to the next, from one term to the next, and from one year to the next because the plans for each stage of the learning process match with those of the next one, ensuring that nothing crucial for future learning is left out.


A system that views a successful learning environment as one in which all students can work successfully through the learning cycle is beneficial to students in SABIS® Network schools.

All students participate actively in the learning cycle as members of a community of learners.  Each instructional time includes possibility for students to work alone and in groups while guided by their teacher to achieve specific learning objectives.


For many years, SABIS® has a long-standing commitment to research and development. As a result, our students gain invaluable exposure with cutting-edge methods and instruments that are utilised to improve results, accelerate learning, and push the limits of conventional learning environments.

Technology in SABIS® Network schools includes, for instance, interactive whiteboards with lessons, tablets, and computer assessments.


Students in SABIS® Network schools get going on help and follow-up.  Teachers, students, administrators, and parents may all keep an eye on progress in the learning process. Students are aware when gaps appear because they collaborate with their teachers and school leaders.  Teachers and students focus their efforts on filling in the gaps and creating a solid basis after that, cooperating as a community of learners.



Students at SABIS® Network schools all around the world have the opportunity to engage in the SABIS® Student Life Organisation (SLO). In order to become active in their school’s community.

Students gain access to several opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development through SLO.

Students learn to:

  • Promote high standards of social, ethical, and moral behavior.
  • Become engaged, diligent, and community-minded members.
  • Develop academic, managerial, organisational, and leadership skills.
  • Acquire and hone the mindsets that give them an advantage in college and throughout life.
  • Create endure friendship circles.
  • Participate in a range of extracurricular activities.

Student’s success


Schools in the SABIS® Network aim to have nearly all students accepted to college or university, as compare to just a few.

Non-selective admission is used to enrol students, who then use the SABIS® Educational System to assist them get ready for college or university.

Students from SABIS® Network schools are regularly accepted into some of the best colleges and universities in the world.



Schools signing a complete management agreement with SABIS® benefit from a wide range of educational products and services designed for Pre-K/K-12 schools. These include:

  • Complete curriculum that complies with national and state regulations.
  • Software programs to boost efficiency and raise standards.
  • Ongoing academic quality control through computer academic monitoring (SABIS® AMS) and reports that are generated automatically.
  • The SABIS® Educational System is supported by concept-focused, well-researched books as well as recruitment and professional development services.
  • Complete business management services; cutting-edge research and development techniques sought to maximise results.
  • Attendance at yearly regional and international conferences by administrators.
  • Regular visits from teams of knowledgeable education and business professionals.
  • Possibilities for networking with other Network schools.


In the field of manage public-private partnerships (PPP), stands out for having 20+ years of expertise. In using its wealth of knowledge to raise public education standards and advance the world.

As part of its initiatives to raise public education standards, has involve in partnerships in the United Arab Emirates. Seven PPP schools are part of the Network in Kurdistan, Iraq, where SABIS® is also engaging in a PPP initiative. With the help of this PPP project, not only educates children but also offers beneficial professional development services to local instructors in order to increase capacity.


Long-standing commitments to research and development of new technologies create the student in mind are made by SABIS® schools. Because of this, our students get valuable experience with cutting-edge techniques and tools that is use to enhance and enrich. Their regular learning experiences, boost academic achievement, and push the limits of conventional learning environments.

Since 1886, SABIS® has been a pioneer in the field of education, and we firmly believe in delivering. A “Education for a Changing World,” which necessitates the availability of E-learning solutions in every school and for every student.


The proper infrastructure must exist in order to properly transition from traditional classroom instruction to online learning. This infrastructure comprises a systematic approach to instruction, teaching strategies that encourage participation from students in the learning process, and, of course, access to the technological resources that can streamline the entire procedure. All of these components originated by SABIS® over a long period of time.

The SABIS® Approach to Teaching

The Point System is use in the tidy, systematic, and effective SABIS® teaching style. Every subject and level of SABIS® has given specific, quantifiable learning goals, or “learning points.” In order to actively engage students in a community of learners, teachers offer one “point” at a time in each class and then ask the group to demonstrate their grasp of the topic.

State-of-the-Art Education Technology

Modern technology that has built into the classroom enhances the instructional approach. And provides students with the greatest possible learning environment. The technology tools that currently exist include electronic books, interactive whiteboards and lessons that go along with them, a system for integrated learning, and a system for integrated testing and learning.

Students continue to gain from  technology outside of the classroom, which give them access to a variety of online learning resources from the comfort of their homes and reinforce what they have learned in class.


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